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Back in 2011 Samsung created a niche market for itself that was quickly labelled the phablet device, which then saw other companies joining the party. While the latest Note model has only just been released rumours and speculation has started for what we can expect to see next year as the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 display size discussion begins.

The original Samsung Galaxy Note featured a 5.3-inch touchscreen display which last year saw this increase to 5.5-inches. Then for 2013 Samsung increased this further to 5.7-inches while offering Full HD resolution.

Now if history repeats itself the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 could have a screen size of 5.9-inches which is a size that a lot of Samsung fans were hoping for this year. There has been a lot of talk recently that next year’s flagship smartphones from Samsung will feature higher resolution displays with a pixel density of 560ppi, but a recent patent has hinted at a three sided wraparound touchscreen display coming next year.

While many crave after a larger sized Galaxy Note smartphone in becomes a fine line between owning a smartphone or what could be called a tablet. Of course we have seen other manufactures going past the 6-inch mark with screen sizes, and Samsung themselves have the 6.3-inch Galaxy Mega on offer but this doesn’t offer the high end specifications of the Note range or the much loved S-Pen functionality.

This new screen tech is set to be powered by a 64-bit processor for both the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S5 next year, although recently we have heard that there is the possibility of 128-bit processors for 2015.

These are rumoured to be needed to better cope with future features that look set to be coming soon such as an eye scanner that is rumoured for the Galaxy S5, which would surely also be added to the Galaxy Note 4.

The trouble is many smartphone consumers may like all the new high end specifications being added to handsets, but would also like quicker firmware updates that are not filled with bugs which is something Samsung has been suffering from recently.

What is your ideal screen size for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4?


21 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 4 display size discussion”

  1. TruckerMark says:

    I tried out the Mega 6.3 and loved the screen size. I would like a similar size with a larger screen by shrinking the bezels all around and that would be perfect for me.

  2. Abdel Zamane says:

    I like my note 3 screen size with full HD resolution. ..4k resolution with the 5.9 inch will be my dream to see next year on the note 4. Keep it up samsung.

    1. MANthrax says:

      The Mega is 6.3 and they sold 20 million in the first 2 months. Call it a tablet but who really cares. People listen to these journalist reviews. Try one and you’ll see. Its like the argument of having 3 screens on your PC. Why when you can only really do one thing at a time. Well, the reality is when you try it there is no going back.

  3. BtotheT says:

    5.7, With 1080p, but more importantly I want the 14 nm chip and the new high speed eMMc. Of course the mini usb and hdmi are to stay, 3gb LPDDR3/4 would fit nice. Also, 2 micro sd card slots(since the 14nm shrink makes room) 64gb Sdxc, 256gb max, 128gb eMMc+ 2x64gb SdXc. That would be a pocket computer demanding respect 🙂 One can dream. Anything holographic would also leave my mouth on the floor.

  4. kwasi says:

    for Samsung to maintain their lead they should do and maintain 60 screen but should reduce the border around the screen to make the whole phone smaller they have to include laser keyboard more comfortable in hand s pen

  5. Jean Claude says:

    Hum, bigger screen nean more energy, it could be much better that Samsung think about the BATTERY ?
    Also, the technology is wonderful with Sansung, but the cheap plastic dies’nt make any sebs !

  6. like says:

    6.4 water resistant and pencil sensitive screen as Sony Ultra would be perfect!!! Also with a small bluetooth call answering device included.

    1. MANthrax says:

      6.4-7.0 is fine with me, water resistant and pencil a plus. Gorilla glass please and remove polarization from screen. Tweek UI to include landscape screens in all modes, especially phone mode. I use this 99% of the time in landscape mode. Camera pixel size is large enough, need 120 fps or better video. I personally think they are dragging out screen size so we keep buying upgrades.

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