New Cartoon HD app alternative needs care


Last week the hugely popular Cartoon HD mobile application was taken down for good after a way was provided for users to still install and use the service after it was removed from official channels. Unsurprisingly there has seen been other services springing up and now we have some new cartoon HD app alternative news that needs caution.

Cartoon HD became hugely popular due to the fact it provided mobile users free access to copyrighted material to enjoy whenever they wanted, but this was soon brought to an end last week although some users have managed to get the service working again while looking for alternatives.

Now it came to our attention of a new service that is being titled “The New Cartoon HD” on social network site Twitter, but after digging a little further we recommend some caution when trying to use this service.

The service is actually called FliXanity but we have had people emailing us saying that the service asks for credit card details as well as trying to install new software to their PC, and it seems as if there is no actual mobile application available to try and get around copyright laws as it promises access to a number of free TV shows and movies.

Have you seen this latest offering?


2 thoughts on “New Cartoon HD app alternative needs care”

  1. Tamara says:

    yes my friend was asked for her credit card details, i wasn’t now whether or not this is because i registered via my lap top i don’t know.

    Via your laptop there are a lot of exploits, plus it says free on the facebook page but when my friend clicked on the links via her ipad it says for 5 days. It seems from a lot of comments you have to pay for the hd films.

    I couldn’t get my head around the site it was hard work, even after reading the help document. When i did click on a link it took me to another site where i had to register and pay for the service.

    On twitter a lot of people have made comments and the owners have got quite nasty, on facebook i saw someone comment and say it wasn’t free only for 5 days and put a screen shot and they got quite nasty with them. They are saying on twitter that the only people who have complained are from the uk and are going to block uk users

  2. Ninjamoose says:

    Unfortunately, they are trying to work on word play, by mentioning that you don’t pay anything for the service; this is only for the duration of the 5 day free trial! On completion of the trial, without warning, you will be charged $34.95 (or British equivalent) per month for the service. This continues until you cancel.
    My advice read the Ts&Cs; it is clear as day what the charges are!

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