Fallout Shelter Android release will arrive in August

fallout shelter

Millions of Android gamers felt a bit burned when Fallout Shelter hit iOS last month. If you are longing for the Fallout Shelter Android release, today’s news is a mixed bag. Bethesda has narrowed the release window down a bit, but it won’t be coming as soon as many would like.

Turing Phone pre-orders kick off on July 31st


We told you about the exotic Turing phone back in April, but we weren’t sure when you would be able to order one. Well, that’s been answered today as Turing Phone pre-orders begin on July 31st.

Huawei Honor 7 vs iPhone 6, advantages of each

Huawei Honor 7 vs iPhone 6

The Huawei Honor 7 smartphone was finally made official yesterday and it has a huge amount to offer for a very reasonable price. The flagship device is sure to attract plenty of attention because of this and will compete with other high-end handsets, one of which is the Apple iPhone 6. Today we’re sharing a […]

Asus Zenfone Go set to launch as mid-ranger in July

asus logo

The ZenFone line has always been popular, and the series is about to get a new device. The Asus ZenFone Go has just made its way through the rumor mill with a rumored release date of later this month.

Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace becomes listed, aka J1 Pop?

Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace b

Some readers will have heard of the low-end Galaxy J series of Samsung smartphones. The first of these to release was the Samsung Galaxy J1 that was announced in January this year. Now a new variant of this appears to be on the way, as a device called the Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace has become […]

Microsoft Lumia 840 render with detailed specs

Microsoft Lumia 840 render

For several months now there have been rumors about some new Microsoft Lumia smartphones that would be more highly specced than the last few releases. The Microsoft Lumia 840 and Lumia 840 XL are two of these, and evidence has been growing following spots of the phones in testing. While we wait for them to […]

Intex Aqua Y4 launch gives budget price and specs

Intex Aqua Y4 launch gives price and specs

Intex continues to roll out new smartphones and now we have news of the Intex Aqua Y4 launch. We have information on the price and specs of this budget handset coming right up. It comes in four color options, black, champagne, silver, and white, and has a price tag of just Rs. 4,190. The new […]

New Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Intel i7 model has cheaper price

MIcrosoft Surface Pro 3 i7 model

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet released last year in several different variants. The lowest-priced models used Intel i3 or Intel i5 processors while models with the Intel i7 processor had the highest pricing. Now there’s a new Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Intel i7 model that has a cheaper price. The Surface Pro 3 packing […]

Panasonic P55 Novo price in India at launch

Panasonic P55 Novo price in India at launch

A new Panasonic smartphone has been announced today, and we have details of the device including the Panasonic P55 Novo price in India from the launch. While many readers may have heard of the Panasonic P55 that released last year, the Panasonic P55 Novo has some nicely improved specs. We’ll begin with the Panasonic P55 […]

iPhone 6S camera specs in new leak

iPhone 6S camera specs in new leak

There are increasing leaks about the Apple iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, and something that many people are looking for with the new iPhones for 2015 is improved camera capabilities. Now some iPhone 6S camera specs have turned up in a new leak, and although this news is unconfirmed it does tie in with previous […]