iPhone 5 ridiculous delivery time, contracts favoured

iPhone 5 ridiculous delivery time, contracts favoured

We here at Phones Review would like to point out our frustration with the iPhone 5 ridiculous delivery time and contracts being favoured. We have been very busy indeed and that is why we have not had the time to buy our own Apple iPhone 5, so we decided it was time too. Last week […]

Vodafone Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update release as O2 stalls briefly

galaxy s3 vodafone

The ongoing saga of Android hardware being updated to later versions of the operating system continue, as handsets that are only a few months old are still waiting to be upgraded. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is arguably the flagship device on the platform, but a large percentage of owners are waiting to see the Android […]

O2 no service network problems & customer compensation


Oh dear, you really can’t blame O2 customers for feeling aggrieved following yet another outage on Friday after problems back in the summer too. There was plenty of consternation and annoyance among O2 users over the weekend following the latest problems and today we’re asking people if they think customer compensation should be offered, as […]

UK O2 outage anger grows users threaten to leave

O2 anger

We all rely much more on modern technology these days in our busy lives, and when something goes wrong besides being frustrating, it can also be extremely inconvenient as well. Back in July customers of UK mobile phone carrier O2 were left with no service for a long time, and yesterday many users had the […]

New 2012 O2 outage affecting millions of customers, fix promised

New O2 outage

Most of us would feel completely lost if we lose or go out somewhere without our mobile phones, but millions of O2 customers have experienced this problem during 2012 without doing either of these things. Now some more network downtime has today been affecting the carrier’s long suffering subscribers. The carrier had a major problem […]

HTC One X+ O2 catalogue shows details and price

HTC One X+ O2 catalogue shows details and price

There has been some rumour about the new HTC ONE X+ handset coming to the United Kingdom, and it would appear that the Android smartphone’s arrival in the UK might not be that far off because the upcoming device has now shown up on UK carrier O2’s website in the form of a brochure. The […]

Sony Xperia T, bond with O2 and Three UK

Sony Xperia T, bond with O2 and Three UK

If you are over here in the United Kingdom and have a penchant for Sony Android smartphones, in particular the Sony Xperia T, and have been waiting for the smartphone to become available on O2 or Three, then you just might like to know that the Xperia T is now available to purchase on both […]

HTC and O2 unannounced phone, charger price separate

HTC and O2 unannounced phone, charger price separate

The word is over here in the United Kingdom, O2 UK along with HTC will be offering a new unannounced phone before the year is out, and this new handset will apparently be sold to customer without a charger in the box, the reason for this is both companies are piloting a scheme to reduce […]

Mach billing deal with EE, O2, Vodafone and Three


There’s some news today that may particularly interest developers as billing company Mach is forging ahead with carrier billing and has come to a deal with EE, O2, Vodafone and Three. This is an extensive move involving the above UK mobile operators and will be a real benefit to developers. Mach’s new platform will enable […]

iPhone 5 O2, Orange and Vodafone UK, preferable choice


The iPhone 5 will release in just two more days although if you haven’t already pre-ordered it may be too late to get one for launch day. This Apple smartphone is set to fly off the shelves and set new records so you can always try your luck in line at retail stores on Friday. […]