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Surface Mobile phone specs leak under Juggernaut Alpha moniker

microsoft juggernaut alpha

It has been a long while since we heard anything about a Microsoft Surface mobile phone, but that changed over the weekend. The Juggernaut Alpha code name is back in the news, and so are the rumored Surface phone specs.

Mobile phones not allowed on flights from UK to USA

Mobile phones now allowed on flights from UK to USA

In the last few days there has been a significant development for air travel that is causing a certain amount of consternation among travellers. In new airport security changes, some mobile phones are not allowed on flights from UK to USA, specifically those mobile phones with a dead battery. This has led to concerns that […]

Classic mobile phones discussed


Over the last 15 years or so the mobile phone industry has moved at a tremendous pace with technology advancing all the time. There will be many of us that remember the huge devices of yesteryear as classic mobile phones are discussed. Depending on how old you are your first mobile device may have been […]

Channel 4 pressure mobile phone recyclers to data wipe handsets

Channel 4 pressure mobile phone recyclers to data wipe handsets pic 1

On August 25th 2013 The EU amended its data protection regulations resulting in recycling companies no longer being responsible for recycled phone’s data security, thus burdening the liability with the consumers that sell their handsets. So if a hacker buys your phone and retrieves hidden personal data, the recycling company will not be held accountable […]

Tesco Mobile phones more tempting with free 4G

tesco mobile 4g

The mobile phone industry is extremely competitive whether it’s the various handset manufacturers or networks that are trying to win consumers business, and now for UK residents Tesco Mobile phones just got more tempting with the offer of free 4G. In the UK networks are battling it out to get the most subscribers to their […]

Is it still safe to recycle your mobile phones?

Is it still safe to recycle your mobile phones?

Despite the name, mobile phone recyclers do not always properly recycle the phones they buy from consumers and businesses. Most of the time the handsets end up being sold onto other people, this is how these type of companies make a large portion of their revenue. According to electrical recycling company Bozowi Sell My Mobile, […]

UK mobile phone numbers running out concerns

UK mobile phone numbers running out threat

What will the future hold for the UK and mobile phones? Unique Sims explores the options that could be made available to the UK public when number availability shortly becomes limited. Do you remember the days of 10 digit mobile numbers? These became 11 digit mobile numbers and as we come to the final two […]

Inside mobile phone addiction, are you addicted?

Inside Mobile Phone Addiction

As the world keeps populating it is evident that more mobile phones are being purchased and being used minute-by-minute, and even second by second. Many people are now dependent on their smartphones that they live their lives by it, so much so that is has become an addiction. As destination population grows so does the […]

Qualcomm imagines life without mobile phone in video

Qualcomm imagines life with mobile phone in video

Have you ever wondered, or dreaded, what your life would be like without your mobile phone? How on earth would you update your status, check your email or occupy yourself on the way to work without games, music, YouTube or mobile shopping. If you felt a slight shudder when reading any of the above, you’ll […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 release sparks unique impact on online mobile phone trade-ins

Samsung Galaxy S4 release sparks unique impact on online mobile phone trade-ins

Leading mobile phone recycling comparison site has told us that the buzz surrounding tomorrow’s Samsung Galaxy S4 launch has had a huge impact on online valuations and trade-ins – and that’s before the new smartphone has even been released. The site has seen a 127% rise in Samsung valuations in the run up to […]