Google’s Project Tango tablet mysteriously appears on Google Play

project tango tablet

The HTC Nexus 9 wasn’t the only slate Google was working on this year, and the Project Tango tablet has probably slipped from the minds of many consumers. Here’s a reminder. The high-powered tablet has just gotten listed on Google Play as the Project Tango Tablet Development Kit.

Amazon’s 3D Fire Phone arrives today through Amazon and AT&T

amazon fire phone

Amazon didn’t necessarily shock the world when it released the 3D Fire Phone as we all knew it was coming. If you’ve been waiting for the unique smartphone to arrive, the wait is finally over as you can now purchase the Fire Phone online from Amazon or straight from AT&T.

Can the Estar Takee 1 smartphone produce Holographic Images?

Estar Takee 1

We cover a lot of phones from famous brands like Samsung and Sony, but occasionally a new company comes along and catches our attention like OnePlus did earlier this year. The Takee 1 is a name you won’t recognize, but it’s an interesting smartphone that could give the 3D Fire Phone a run for its money.

Android video chat 3D conference for future mobiles

Android video chat 3D conference for future mobiles

We have for some time now had the ability to video chat with family and friends on smartphones and tablet, video chat isn’t new to the mobile space, but this is still simply chatting to others on screen, and not the same as a face to face conversation albeit the next best thing. However with […]

3D iOS 7 user interface is feasible


Although it could be a little way into the future we have some news today about 3D rendering for the iOS user interface and it’s feasible it could arrive as early as iOS 7. The iOS UI could certainly do with a new look and an image of how this could look appears pretty good […]

New 3D holographic iPhone video masterpiece

New 3D holographic iPhone video masterpiece

The mobile space is moving forward in leaps and bounds what with 3D technology now available on a few smartphone, but will Apple every embrace the 3D holographic tech for their iPhone or Apple iPad? Probably most of the iOS faithful hope that one day Apple will start catching up with others and eventually bring […]

Interesting 3D thought on future iPhone & iPad

Interesting 3D thought on future iPhone & iPad

In the last few years we have seen most TV manufacturers releasing 3D TVs as they try and persuade us to embrace the technology. Many see 3D use as just a passing fad that has also found its way onto some smartphones already from the likes of LG and HTC, and there are more hints […]

One Samsung Galaxy S3 rumor quashed


The closer we get to the release of the Samsung Galaxy S3 (S III) the more we are hearing on a daily basis. This is always to be expected with the major flagship devices and we’ve been keeping readers informed with rumors, leaks, conjecture and news about the Galaxy S3. However it seems that one […]

3D possibility for iPhone 5 camera


Just as we thought we’d heard every possible rumor and piece of speculation about the Apple iPhone 5, up pops another snippet of news to make us think again. The latest news is that there’s a possibility of 3D technology coming to the iPhone 5 camera but don’t get too excited just yet as this […]

Zopo ZP200 3D Android phone with sub-$300 tag

Zopo ZP200 3D Android phone with sub-$300 tag

The first glasses free 3D experience smartphone was of course the Android packing LG Optimus 3D, however the high price of the Optimus 3D might have put some people off purchasing the device; however a new cheap glasses free 3D Android smartphone has now been unveiled in China called the Zopo ZP200, and we have […]