Apple iPhone 5C pre-orders disappointing

Apple iPhone 5C pre-orders disappointing

For the first time last week Apple announced two new iPhone models to the world during its keynote speech, but it seems in one country at least that the Apple iPhone 5C pre-orders are disappointing carriers. While the flagship iPhone 5S hasn’t been available for pre-order the iPhone 5C was put up for pre-orders from […]

iPhone 5 battery life hit from iOS 7


Apple’s iOS 7 was finally released to the public yesterday, and millions of people have already updated to the new operating system. However, if you’re about to update your iPhone 5 to iOS 7 you might want to think again. It’s being reported that the iPhone 5 battery life is taking a real hit from […]

iOS 7 install problems, patience required: Updated


Apple’s iOS 7 finally released to the general public around the time we expected it to just an hour or two ago. Whenever a new iOS arrives we have come to expect problems, as millions are trying to download it at the same time. Today is no exception and iOS 7 install problems are a […]

iOS 7 worldwide download times


There’s a massive amount of excitement building up for the public release of iOS 7, which is due to go live later today. Many of you are wondering what time Apple will release the new iOS, and so we’ve put together an iOS 7 worldwide download time announcer, based on the estimated time it will […]

iPhone 5S at local O2 not available on release day


We have some news today for UK consumers interested in buying the iPhone 5S on release day. The phone launches at Apple and other retailers on Friday, only two more days away. However, it seems that reports of shortages have been reinforced as we have been informed that the iPhone 5S at our local O2 […]

Limited iPhone 5S stock on release as feared


The iPhone 5S goes on sale in many regions on September 20, just two more days away. However, it seems that there will be very limited iPhone 5S stock on release, as was previously feared. US carriers are said to be receiving only small amounts of inventory. The Apple iPhone 5S is set to be […]

iPad 5 release could bring gold option

iPad 5 in gold possible as components emerge

This year Apple is finally set to offer iPhone fans more colour options besides the usual black or white offerings, and while the handsets are set to hit stores in only a few days time news reaches us that the iPad 5 release could bring a gold colour option. For months leading up to the […]

iOS 7 download time countdown, get ready


Apple’s iOS 7 will release to the public tomorrow, and many people are eagerly waiting to update their iPhones, iPads and iPods. The mobile operating system has been completely revamped, so if you want to be ready for iOS 7 you might want to get prepared. It’s time for the iOS 7 download countdown, so […]

iPhone 5S selling out already in some regions

iPhone 5S selling out already in some regions

Later this week we will see both of the new iPhone models becoming available in certain markets around the world just over a week after being announced officially for the first time, but the iPhone 5S is selling out already in some regions. Apple hasn’t provided its customers the chance of pre-ordering the flagship iPhone […]

iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 launch date rumoured

launch date rumour

It has been under a week since Apple hosted a special event to unveil two new iPhone models for 2013 with the handsets becoming available in only a few days time. This comes as the speculation regarding the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 continues with a launch date now being rumoured. Rumours surrounding both […]