iOS 7 battery life fix with clean install


There are plenty of iOS device users happily using iOS 7 since the recent update, but it seems many users are still having problems. There are still issues for some iPhone 5 and 4S owners regarding faster battery drain on their handset since the update, so today we want to give you information about an […]

iOS 7 waterproof hoax explained in videos


It’s difficult to imagine that some iOS device users have fallen for an iOS 7 waterproof hoax. Some of you will have heard about this already, while for others it’s a new story. Read on and we’ll tell you more and we’re also including some funny video explanations about what happened. Apple’s iOS 7 released […]

iOS 7 Tech Talks offers in-depth guidance


Some of you may have heard a few months ago that Apple was planning iOS 7 Tech Talks to offer in-depth guidance about the OS update. A series of these technical sessions are set to take place in various cities across the world, and Apple has now announced the schedule. These sessions will give both […]

iPhone 5S fingerprint hack starts security debate


The Apple iPhone 5S released last Friday and immediately consumers were faced with short supplies of the premium iPhone. Many of you will have heard of concerns surrounding an iPhone 5S fingerprint hack, and this has started a security debate. One of Apple’s key selling points of the iPhone 5S is its built-in fingerprint sensor […]

iPad 5 casing revealed in new color

an iPad 5 casing appears in a new colour

Like any Apple product that is due for a refresh we get to see months of apparent leaks and rumours, and the company is widely believed to be unveiling some new iPad models next month just as an iPad 5 casing appears in a new colour. We have seen a number of leaks with images […]

iOS 7 multitasking gestures and close multi apps


Apple’s iOS 7 is finally here and millions of people are now getting to grips with the totally revamped look and new features and improvements. There’s a lot to take in and we’ve already taken a look at some aspects. Today we want to talk about iOS 7 multitasking gestures and how to close multi […]

Apple iPhone sales figures called into question

Apple iPhone sales figures called into question

Last Friday Apple released the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C to selected markets around the world with reports of record sales in the first three days from the company, but now these Apple iPhone sales figures are being called into question. As we reported yesterday Apple stated that it managed to sell 9 million new […]

iOS 7 apps login problem for some


There has been a lot of admiration for Apple’s iOS 7 since it saw a public release last week, but we often find issues can come to light soon after an operating system update. That is also the case for iOS 7 as we’ve already heard concerns over battery drain. Now it’s reported that there […]

iPhone 5S and 5C take on others in durability testing


It doesn’t take long for people to start putting new smartphones through their paces and one aspect that is often looked at is how sturdy a phone is. The iPhone 5S and 5C may only just have released but they have already undergone durability against two other popular phones, the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Motorola […]

iPad 5 and Mini 2 price expectations


The iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 tablets are the next big mobile device launches that we expect from Apple. We’ve recently heard rumors of an October event to officially introduce the new iPads, so today we want to discuss iPad 5 and mini 2 price expectations. Both devices have been the subject of plenty […]