iPhone 5C price cut via Best Buy offer


If you’re thinking of purchasing the Apple iPhone 5C then you may want to decide pretty quickly so that you can take advantage of a Best Buy deal that runs for the next few days. The iPhone 5C has had a price cut via a Best Buy offer that involves in-store gift cards. The promotional […]

Google Now vs Cue app after Apple buyout


Some readers will have heard or been users of the Cue personal assistant app, which was recently shut down. However, it appears that the Cue app may not be gone for long, as there are reports that Apple has acquired Cue. Hence it looks as though it could be Google Now vs. the Cue app […]

Claimed iPad 5 in Space Gray appears in new video


There’s a lot of anticipation ahead of an expected Apple event later this month where we expect new iPads to be unveiled. The iPad 5 has been the subject of numerous leaks, and a new video has now appeared that is claimed to be of the iPad 5 casing in Space Gray. This latest look […]

iPhone 5S stock checker helps find that gold model

iPhone 5S stock checker

Apple released its two new iPhone models last month with certain versions of the smartphones selling out almost instantly with shipping dates pushed back for online orders. Now for US consumers a clever iPhone 5S stock checker will help try and find that elusive gold model. There may still be many looking to purchase the […]

iPhone Pi brings innovative new design except home button

iPhone Pi brings totally new design except home button

A few years ago Apple led the way in the smartphone world leaving its rivals in its wake, but now things have changed somewhat with some suggesting the company has lost its way and could even go the same way as Nokia. While this may be a little farfetched the iPhone Pi we have for […]

iOS 7 battery problems reported for iPhone 4 and 4S


Apple’s iOS 7 appears to be causing a fair amount of frustration for some device users. Although there has been plenty of praise for the updated operating system from some users, others are not happy at all. Today we want to delve into iOS 7 battery problems that have been reported for the iPhone 4 […]

Hate iPhone 4, 4S iOS 7 and cannot downgrade


The release of iOS 7 has met with mixed reception to say the least. Although plenty of users are enjoying the revamped iOS with improvements and new features, there are others that hate the Apple iOS 7 update and want to downgrade. Apple has already blocked those with devices now running iOS 7 from downgrading […]

iOS 7.0.2 update problems on iPhone 5S


Apple’s iOS 7 only released recently but was swiftly followed by an iOS 7.0.2 update that contained bug fixes for security flaws. iOS 7 itself was not without some problems, but it appears that there are also iOS 7.0.2 update problems on iPhone 5S. Yesterday we discussed why some of the issues surrounding iOS 7 […]

Why iOS 7 problems shouldn’t put you off updating


Since iOS 7 was released for general use there has been a mixed reception about the updated Apple mobile operating system. Whereas some appreciate the many improvements, features and new design, others have hit various issues and just don’t like the new look. Here’s why you shouldn’t let iOS 7 problems put you off updating. […]

iPhone 5S battery life tests vs iOS family


The iPhone 5S and 5C recently released to millions of potential buyers, and one of the aspects that many people are now most concerned about with a new smartphone regards how long the battery life is. We have an interesting time-lapse video to show you that shows iPhone 5S battery life tests vs. other devices […]