Apple offers return policy for digital items purchased in the EU

iTunes 11 release download today hopefully rebuilt

If you own an Apple device and purchase your content from the iPhone or iPad maker, you’ll be happy to find out that the Cupertino-based company has recently changed its Terms and Conditions in order to allow you to get a refund. This is valid if you live in an EU country like the UK, […]

Swing Copters app hitting iTunes and Google play

swing copters ios

Swing Copters. The name may not ring a bell at the moment, but that’s all you’ll be thinking about after you pick up the game. The Swing Copters app is a new time waster from the creator of Flappy Bird, and your free time is going to take a big hit.

iTunes on Android

android itunes

According to a report from Billboard, word has it that Apple is considering launching iTunes on the Android platform to help combat declining music sales. In the same report we are told that Apple executives are also talking with major music labels to launch a possible rival to services like Spotify and Rdio, this would be a bold but […]

Apple expanded mobile payments service in the offing

apple expanded mobile payments service

There has been plenty of talk lately regarding Apple’s further development of mobile payments and it now seems this is more likely than ever. There are reports today that an expanded mobile payments service is in the offing that will enable customers to wirelessly purchase physical goods. When we recently discussed the upcoming iPhone 6 […]

12 Days of Christmas app update for Holiday Season Gifts


Here at Phones Review we’re really starting to get in the Christmas spirit and apart from adding some great devices to our wish lists there are always some Christmas apps around to add to the fun. One of our favorites is from Apple, the iTunes – 12 Days of Christmas app, newly updated for Christmas […]

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for iOS and Android release date

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for iOS and Android release date

If you are a lover of stealing cars along with killing anyone in sight, then you are probably a fan of Grand Theft Auto. And if you are, and own an Android device or iOS device then you are probably awaiting the arrival of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City to hit your platform. Well fear […]

O2 UK WiFi app for anyone regardless of contract

O2 UK WiFi app for anyone regardless of contract

Over here in the United Kingdom, if you want to take advantage of a WiFi enabled location you usually have to put in a user name or password to connect your device. However O2 UK sees thing differently, and as such they have now released the O2 WiFi app for both Android and iOS devices. […]

iTunes 11 release delay from October to November

itunes update

At the company’s iPhone event in September Apple announced they were going to release an update to its popular iTunes service by the end of this month, and this has obviously now come without any availability of new update. We now have news that the iTunes 11 release has officially seen a delay from October […]

Blux Camera iOS app with PEAR photographic assistant

Blux Camera iOS app with PEAR photographic assistant

For all you photographers out there that use an iOS device to snap your images, you might like to know that there is a new iOS app available to download called Blux Camera, which claims to be the world’s first intelligent camera due to incorporating P.E.A.R technology, which isn’t found in any other camera. The […]

Radioplayer app brings UK radio to iOS

Radioplayer app brings UK radio to iOS

For all those iOS device owners out there that love to listen to UK radio stations, you just might like to know that UK Internet radio service UK Radioplayer has now released a native Radioplayer app for the iOS platform that brings UK Radio all in one place for your listening pleasure. The Radioplayer app […]