Nokia Lumia Amber update release scheduled

nokia amber update

While Nokia has been busy expanding its range of smartphones around the world, there have been certain things missing from the handsets already available on the Windows Phone 8 operating system. These include the FM radio capability but this is promised to be coming as the Nokia Lumia Amber update has been scheduled for release. […]

New Nokia Mirror design wows

Nokia Mirror design wows

Smartphones are increasingly becoming more stylish and slimmer as companies try and beat the competition by appealing to wider audience, which in turn increases sales of hardware. Today we have a new Nokia Mirror design for you that certainly wows. While the Finnish smartphone manufacturer are beginning to turn the tide in its falling fortunes, […]

HTC One new mics sourced, should not affect supplies


Regular readers may remember an ongoing dispute between Nokia and HTC that we recently reported on regarding the flagship HTC One. It looked as though there may be future delays ahead for the HTC One following Nokia’s win of a preliminary injunction involving the microphones on the HTC One. HTC has now stated that it […]

Nokia Android phone possibility grows

nokia could use android

It is well documented that many smartphone fans started to ignore offerings from Finnish manufacturer Nokia partly because of the software used on the handsets. To improve things the company decided to ditch Symbian in favour of the Microsoft Windows Phone platform, but it seems a Nokia Android handset is still a possibility. When Nokia […]

Nokia Reaction Bluetooth headset leaked with video

Mokia Reaction bluetooth headset

In recent times we have become used to upcoming smartphones being leaked in one form or another, but today we have news of the Nokia Reaction Bluetooth headset being leaked with a video as well before any official announcement. The company has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons so far today, but […]

UK train times tickets and info via WP7 mobile app

UK train times tickets and info via WP7 mobile app

If you are in the United Kingdom and a frequent user of trains when getting out and about, and own a Windows Phone 7 smartphone there is a mobile app available that enables you to gain information on train times and cheap thicket for the first time on Windows Phone devices. The new Windows Phone […]

Windows 8 Nokia slate incoming Q4

Windows 8 Nokia slate incoming Q4

Obviously the next big deal when it comes to Microsoft tablets is Windows 8, and as Nokia now partners Microsoft for their Nokia Windows Phones then the next logical move is for Nokia to deliver a Windows 8 tablet to the mobile space, and the latest word on a Nokia Windows 8 tablet is the […]

Mobile downloads via Internet doubles since 2010

Mobile downloads via Internet doubles since 2010

Mobile download via the Internet seems to be on the increase as a recent study be StatCounter, a research group has found that some 8.5 percent of global Internet usage originated via a mobile device, although by Mobile device the group mean mobile phones only and don’t take tablets into account. According to the guys […]

Skype for Nokia Belle, download via store


Good news has come through today for users that have Nokia Symbian Belle devices from the 700,701 to the 603 and so on. The Skype app has been updated giving the Belle UI a better appearance with improved performance.

Windows Phone Mango Update Nears Rollout

Windows Phone Mango Update Nears Rollout

The Windows Phone faithful out there in mobile land who have been awaiting the arrival of the Windows Phone Mango update, it appears that your long wait for Mango is slowly coming to an end with a rollout of the Windows Phone Mango update expected in “a week or two.” According to tan article over […]