Samsung Galaxy S4 may be trouble for iPhone 6 release

Apple and Samsung have been battling it out in various courts for ages now, but the two companies are also slugging it out in the smartphone market with their flagship handsets basically cornering the market almost to themselves. Next year though the Samsung Galaxy S4 may be trouble for the iPhone 6 release.

This year Samsung raised the bar with the release of the Galaxy S3 that was a big improvement over its predecessor, which itself was still a great smartphone, but thoughts are now turning to the Galaxy S4 and when it might be released.

There has been some talk that Samsung may unveil the new Galaxy S4 at February’s Mobile World Congress event with a release in March, but the company distanced itself from these rumours. More recently though there has been talk that they will unveil a new 4.99-inch Full HD smartphone display at January’s CES event in Las Vegas that may be used on the Galaxy S4.

Samsung has no need to rush out the handset and change its schedule as the S3 is still selling well around the world and the Galaxy Note 2 has only been available for a short time. This may mean that the company will debut the S4 around May with a release shortly after, and this coincide with Apple revealing the next version of the iPhone.

There has been some talk that the iPhone maker could return to its usual WWDC unveiling of the smartphone, which always takes place in June. Whether we see a refreshed iPhone 5S or a completely new model remains to be seen, but the iPhone 5 despite the increase in screen size has caused some disappointment among fans of the platform who feel that Apple has lost its way a little recently.

Obviously there are plenty that love the iPhone 5 as the handset has proved to be extremely popular sales wise since it was made available, but even if Apple do return to a summer release of the iPhone the Galaxy S4 may have got a head start on the device.

It is believed that Samsung are going to concentrate on producing its OMLED displays for its flagship devices, even though some would prefer the Galaxy S4 to feature an LCD screen, and although nothing is currently known about the handset officially it hasn’t stopped some believable concept renders or video ideas being designed by some.

Will you be getting the Samsung Galaxy S4 next year?


12 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S4 may be trouble for iPhone 6 release”

  1. 123PHONE says:

    what’s wrong with a good old clamshell or a basic nokia, or a slide – up phone? Phones are so overrated nowadays.:/ I rely on a simple samsung to keep me going.

  2. Ryun Baik says:

    Only technology illiterates buy iPhones. People that never traveled to other OECD countries who still blindly believe American companies are the best… if the education system has been messed up for the last three decades, won’t one consider maybe we’re trailing? These Apple fans are like right wing politicians, blind and stupid. Apple never invented anything after Wazniak died, they are notorious for going after their partner/supplier company after doing so much for them. Google and Microsoft is still respectable, Apple is just trash. Now, without Samsung’s help with the microchips and lcd screens that they used to make for them, Apple will be lost with no innovation the next 5 years. Good luck to them.

  3. ian says:

    Currently have the galaxy note 2 and its awsome cant wait to see this battle rollout im curious to see what the galaxy s4 and iphone 6 will have spec wise and design wise. Cant wait 🙂

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