Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 stable Android 4.3 update need


It has been many months now since problems first started to appear on the GT-I9300 version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update, and while the handset looks set to miss out on 4.4 KitKat it shows the need for a stable 4.3 firmware.

While the Galaxy S3 Android 4.4.2 KitKat update availability increases in the US owners of the international version of the handset are left with a handset riddled with bugs and problems. Currently there doesn’t seem to be any fix insight even though in some regions previously it seemed that a new version of Android 4.3 was in development for the handset.

Many owners have been left with a smartphone that continues to freeze temporally or the camera app to suddenly crash at the wrong moment, which is just a couple of problems among a long list that owners have been experiencing over the last few months.

Battery life has been another issue that has reared its head and while in some cases this could be partly down to an aging power pack, the main issue has been the software installed onto the handset.

These problems have led to many users to decide never to purchase a Samsung phone again, and while the device was treated to two major firmware upgrades the most recent one hasn’t worked.

This has led me to question which handset I will be purchasing this year, but hopefully Samsung will soon realise that if they want to continue to grow in the smartphone market they will need to keep customers happy.

There are of course custom ROMs already available that can see the international Galaxy S3 experiencing KitKat, but sometimes owners of handsets don’t want to take this route. Time will tell if Samsung does anything about the issues affecting the Galaxy S3, but the longer it is left the more unlikely it will happen.

Do you think Samsung will provide a stable version of Android 4.3 Jelly Bean for the Galaxy S3?


12 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 stable Android 4.3 update need”

  1. Gino Tentori says:

    They are not going to fix 4.3 NOR give a 4.4 update. They do not care about the International costumers that buy their phnes without expensive contract. I am currently looking at LG, Sony and HTC for my next phone witch I expect to buy in September. S5???? Never. With the S5 you will not get updates past December 2015. This greatly affects the re-sale value of the phone.

    Currently I have been offered a S4 at a very good price. But Why buy it!!!!! It will not get updates past 4.5, witch will come out in a few months…..I want a phone that will get updates while I still own the phone, and witch I will be able to sell for a reasonable price.

  2. Venkat says:

    Nobody expects updates which are filled with bugs. I would expect Samsung to disappoint me by not giving the update than to frustrate me with such useless software updates.

  3. timle says:

    Why do people keep thinking or expecting Samsung to bring out any good update for the I9300? I have Kitkat running very well on an old HTC Desire with 512 MB, yet Samsung can’t get their Touchwiz bloatware running on a 1GB S3? There are MANY fantastic custom ROMs out there for the S3. Just do it and set yourself free from waiting and being dependent on Samsung.

  4. Macron says:

    My S3 has been hopeless since the upgrade so reluctantly as a last resort I did a factory reset which resulted in the majority of problems being resolved.
    It is now more like the phone I originally purchased & is now very responsive with decent battery life & quick awakening….worth the effort!

  5. DrWig says:

    Battery is the biggest issue for me. Wakelocks that refuse to let the phone go to sleep (kernel wakelocks too, not apps!) meaning when I check my phone after a few hours off charge, it’s already used 50% of the battery are a nightmare. Many of these issues have gotten worse with each update – definately put me off getting another Samsung, especially when my wife’s Moto G budget phone is rock solid and happily lasts a day and a half of quite heavy useage. I’m lucky if my S3 makes it through the day…..

  6. Gee says:

    I so agree with you, you have expressed my disgusted feelings for poxy S3 in such a nice manner. After the update, My phone needs fuel like me…breakfast, lunch and dinner…three charges a day..which is ridiculous..and I have decided no more samsung

  7. Vernon82 says:

    Its disgusting. I loved my S3 but this update has ruined the phone by killing the battery life. Honestly never buying Samsung phone again.

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