Samsung Galaxy S5, Note 4 Android 5.0 Lollipop update race


The Android 5.0 Lollipop update will be rolling out over the coming weeks to various smartphones and tablets, and this is a much-awaited upgrade for Google’s mobile operating system. As Samsung is a dominant force in the smartphone world, many would imagine the manufacturer would lead the way in pushing out the new update, although that hasn’t always been the case. Now the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Note 4 Android 5.0 Lollipop update race is on, as owners of these devices eagerly wait for news.

The new Google Nexus 6 smartphone made by Motorola and the HTC Nexus 9 tablet will be the first devices to release running Android Lollipop out of the box. The next in line for the update will be other existing Nexus devices such as the Nexus 5, Nexus 7 and others and then Google Play editions of some devices. Some Motorola and Sony handsets have also been confirmed for receiving the update, such as the Moto X, Moto G and Xperia Z3.

As well as this we’ve previously reported that HTC has come forward with its Lollipop update plans, saying that some of its devices will receive the upgrade within 90 days of Google releasing the final build of Android 5.0 to the company. Given that Samsung’s Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4 are both driving forces in the mobile industry we would have hoped to hear firm news from Samsung about the update schedule for these and other devices, but as usual Samsung hasn’t been as transparent with its plans as some other OEM’s.

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Previously we told of rumors suggesting Samsung was working on the update for the Samsung Galaxy S5 and we’ve recently seen a preview video showing this. It was initially thought that Android 5.0 Lollipop could arrive for the S5 in November or early December, but a recent report suggested that the earliest possible time for the Lollipop release for the phone would be in December. Given that it could then take several weeks for the update to roll out it could still be some time before Galaxy S5 owners receive their first taste of Lollipop.

However, Samsung has recently tweeted a teaser implying that the Galaxy Note 4 could see the update soon, but the company has specified nothing and no dates have been officially announced. As Samsung is such a major manufacturer it seems obvious that it would want to be among the very first to provide the Android Lollipop update for its popular devices, and it’s likely that customers would expect this. Nevertheless the company still hasn’t laid out its plans to beat the competition to the starting line by providing the update to existing flagship devices first.

The Android 5.0 update will bring many new features and improvements, and Samsung Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4 owners will want to be among the first to experience the changes on offer. Therefore we would hope that Samsung would announce something concrete about an expected timeframe for the update soon, although on past experience we won’t be holding our breath.

Are you a Samsung Galaxy S5 or Galaxy Note 4 user waiting for the release of Android 5.0 Lollipop for your device? Do you believe that Samsung will beat the likes of HTC and other manufacturers to be the first to push out this upgrade to its flagships? Do you think that Samsung should at least keep customers better informed about the arrival of this update? Let us know with your comments.


22 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S5, Note 4 Android 5.0 Lollipop update race”

  1. Hyperjack says:

    Note 4 owner, I feel like this should be on the top of the priority list.
    Samsung should want their flagship device on the latest greatest OS.

  2. Jamie says:

    Rooted/Unlocked AT&T GS5 owner. I have loaded and ran 4 different 4.4.4s and 5.0 latest leak. Had camera issues with the 5v. Back to rooted 4.4.2 as it is the only stable AT$T Version on the GS5. I am on net10 with LTE at half the price. Still may go AOSP/CM. Still want to test drive a Note 4 or wait for S6 leaks…

  3. Moses Pradeep G says:

    Samsung Galaxy S5 G900H owner, More than tasting Android 5 Lollipop I would be glad if samsung at least release 4.4.4 kitkat update 😢😢😢 been waiting for a long time 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  4. Derek green says:

    Sprint S5 owner, GM-900P. I guess I’m still waiting for the 4.4.4 ‘patch’ update. I’ve questioned Samsung and Sprint on Twitter about having these updates rolled out back-to-back. They cannot confirm any ballpark release dates. I left HTC because they were lagging in android updates…guess the jokes on me.

  5. ~Jeannie H says:

    I bought a new S5 this weekend (t-mobile, US) and am learning what’s new. I will be really unhappy if I have to learn all over again just about the time I figure this out!

  6. DKST says:

    I am eagerly waiting for the new Android update for Note 4 (At&t, US) and will be very disappointed if Samsung takes seven or eight months to rollout the new updates. Note 4 is Samsung’s Flagship phone this year and as a customer we definitely expect them to provide the latest and greatest in the phone.Else it was a bad decision on my part and should have gone with Nexus 6.

    I hope they make us really happy with the news soon.

  7. Jack Sherak says:

    Sure since my s5 is on 4.4.2 and doesn’t seem to have an upgrade to 4.4.4 I’m really exited about 5.0 lollipop and Samsung have to inform us when exactly it will be available

  8. Michael says:

    Note 4 owner here. If Samsung doesn’t say something soon I’ll probably return my phone (still within trial period). I really don’t want to be at the end of the update chain.

  9. jonathan says:

    Left the iphone franchise, started with the original. Got a note 4, tired of the same iphone every year. Love the new note 4, however I find it interesting that some phones in the android line don’t even have the latest version of kit kat. This seems unacceptable to me. Why not give everyone the same opportunities. I hope that I have not made a mistake switching operating systems. Also, with the note 4 being a “flag ship”, I would assume that would be priority #1 for Samsung? Can anyone explain this for an android rookie????

    1. Jefferson says:

      Flagship phones get the new updates fairly quickly, although Nexus phones get it the soonest. I have the Note 2 (2 years old) and am still getting OS updates pretty soon after they debut, so no worries! And this phone is still good enough that if I didn’t have an upgrade available with my carrier, I’d be happy with it for another year.

    2. josah says:

      FWIW, sometimes certain point releases of Android don’t need to go to other devices. There have been x.y.z releases of Android that were only for fixing bugs/performance issues with particular Nexus devices. It’d be a waste of time to bring those updates to other handsets.

      But most point releases *are* relevant to other handsets. Just wanted to mention the above in case there was a particular release you were thinking of that may fall into that category.

  10. fred says:

    I wish they would give more info on the updates! I’m upset at Samsung & sprint for not telling me when I bought two note 4’s that you can’t be on the phone and surfing the Web at the same time because sprints new spark network can’t handle it. If would have known this I would have went with version.

  11. Mark says:

    I have a note pro 12.2 and would like to know when tabernacle upgrades will be out also. I have a note 3 and would like to know if they plan on these getting upgrades

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