Official BlackBerry Priv case accessories and prices

Official BlackBerry Priv case accessories d

There’s an enormous amount of interest in the BlackBerry Priv smartphone that is just about to release. This device has been hotly awaited and just two areas of appeal are the slideout physical keyboard and the fact that it will be running Android. If you’ve already decided to purchase the phone you may also want […]

Samsung Gear S4 concept design stylishly completed

Samsung Gear S4 design d

At the moment smartwatch enthusiasts are enjoying the release of the Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch which has recently arrived. However, well known concept designer Jermaine Smit is already focusing on future versions and recently provided us with a Gear S4 preview design. Now his Samsung Gear S4 concept design is complete and we’re pretty impressed. […]

iPhone 6S waterproof cases from Catalyst, sign up now

iPhone 6S waterproof cases from Catalyst

Whenever new iPhones release we have many readers asking about waterproof cases. Catalyst is a manufacturer for this kind of accessory, and has produced these cases for several previous iPhone versions. The iPhone 6S waterproof cases from Catalyst are not available just yet but you can now sign up so that you’ll know when they […]

Apple Watch 2 design pushes it further

Apple Watch 2 design d

The Apple Watch arrived earlier this year in the usual glare of publicity, and slowly attention is turning to the next-generation model. While we wait for the usual leaks to start flooding in, we can occupy ourselves with what could be offered by looking at concept ideas for the device. This Apple Watch 2 design […]

Fossil Q Founder price will begin at $275

Fossil Q Founder

We’ve talked about the upcoming Fossil smartwatch, and it’s a device plenty of people are excited for. Today the company announced the Fossil Q Founder as its first Android Wear smartwatch, and several more connected wearable’s are coming along for the ride as well.

Misfit Shine 2 fitness tracker set for a November release

misfit shine 2

If you haven’t heard of the Misfit Shine, you’re forgiven as it’s not a wearable that set the world on fire. A sequel called the Misfit Shine 2 has just been announced, and while it looks similar, it brings updated specs and a few cool new features to the table.

The Xiaomi Ninebot mini is an Electric Scooter with a $315 price tag

Xiaomi Ninebot mini

Xiaomi, like other mobile manufacturers, makes more than just smartphones and slates. That said, the Xiaomi NineBot mini is something we didn’t see coming as it’s a branded version of a miniature Segway.

Pioneer XDP-100R announced as an Android-based music player


You don’t see too many people walking around with dedicated music players these days, but there are several pricey options out there. Pioneer has just unveiled one with the Pioneer XDP-100R, and it’s a gadget that may be of some interest to Android aficionados that want something a bit more high-end.

Samsung Gear S4 design preview looks classy

Samsung Gear S4 design

The Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch may have only just released but some people are already looking ahead to future versions. There’s growing interest in wearable technology devices and by the time we get to a Gear S4 there will be further competition in this field. Today we’re sharing a Samsung Gear S4 design preview that […]

Top rugged Samsung Galaxy Note 5 cases – UAG

Top Galaxy Note 5 cases - UAG

Many owners are now getting used to the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 while others may have it on their Christmas wish lists. If you have this high-end Android phablet or are thinking of buying one, you might also want to consider a decent case accessory. Today we’re looking at some top rugged Samsung Galaxy Note […]