iPhone trade-in at Verizon, AT&T, Apple and Best Buy

iPhone trade-in program

Although the world is an unpredictable place there are some things that can be virtually guaranteed to occur every year, at least in the smartphone industry. Every September there’s a massive rush to trade in iPhones and this year will be no different with the iPhone 6 expected to be unveiled in just a few […]

The new iPhone 6 name reaffirmed with specs

iPhone 6 name reaffirmed and specs

As always in the lead up to a new iPhone being made official, there’s an increasing amount of excitement and hype. There are new leaks and rumors about the phone every day ahead of a rumored unveiling on September 9, and now the new iPhone 6 name has been reaffirmed along with some specs. Despite […]

iPhone 6 compared to iPhone 5 in these photos


The last time we heard about the iPhone6 — because the rumor mill is in full motion and there’s a report almost every day now — was yesterday, when we saw some alleged pictures of the upcoming Apple phone. Said report was also referring to a possible launch event in the second half of next […]

iPhone 6 release date hype with photos


The hype around Apple’s iPhone 6 release date has taken a massive jump in the last couple of weeks, which is thanks to many leaks painting a similar design in different pictures. The latest photos reveal one of the most detailed looks yet, and again this has made social sites like Twitter go crazy over […]

New iPhone 6 leak shows the dimensions of both new handsets


Apple is generally pretty good at keeping new products under wraps, but a brave individual has produced some new images that give us the dimensions of the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and the phablet-sized 5.5-incher.

Apple September 2014 event invite date?

apple logo

We all know the iPhone 6 is coming and the rumor mill along with a dose of common sense point towards a release next month. You can bet the farm that there’s an Apple September 2014 event scheduled, we just don’t know the exact date yet.

iPhone 6 to bring 128GB storage options


There are really two types of smartphone users: those who find it enough to have minimum available storage capacity, and those who can’t get enough, for all their apps, games, documents, and multimedia. When it comes to the iPhone, 16 and 32GB options were the only two to choose from, until the iPhone 4S, when […]

iPhone 6L shell allegedly compared to iPhone 6


A little more than two weeks, that’s how long we have to wait until all the iPhone rumors will finally stop. September 9 is when Apple will allegedly hold its historical Q3 event, where the company unveils its smartphone line-up. For this year, we are expecting two iPhones, according to rumors, just like last year, […]

iPhone 6 to have slightly protruding camera lens?


When it comes to Apple and the iPhone, almost every model that the Cupertino-company has announced was thinner and lighter than its predecessor (and sometimes the competition), making this approach almost an obsession for the company. We’ve recently seen some leaked images claiming to depict the 4.7-inch iPhone 6, after joining the backplate and the […]

iPhone 6 with extra iOS 8 rows and columns?

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Android vs. iPhone, it’s a debate that’s not likely to end anytime soon. One of the main gripes of iPhone fans is the fact that they want more iPhone 6 rows and columns as Android allows you to set them any way you’d like through custom launchers. Will iOS 8 add more rows or will it be the same old song & dance this year?