BlackBerry Classic price is $449, pre-orders are now live

Blackberry classic

The BlackBerry Passport has already made its way into the hands of countless consumers around the globe, and now it’s time for the BlackBerry Classic’s time in the spotlight. BlackBerry Classic pre-orders are now live, and the phone is set to roll out in mid-December.

New Red and White BlackBerry Passport colors are on the way

Red BlackBerry Passport

We have spent a lot of time talking about the new iPhone 6, Nexus 9 and Note 4 over the past few weeks – BlackBerry not so much. The company did unleash their new handset last month, and now we’ve gotten word that two new BlackBerry Passport colors will soon be headed your way.

BlackBerry Aero design offers a unique touch

BlackBerry Aero deisign with unique touch

Despite BlackBerry’s recent struggles there are still plenty of fans of the brand out there, and recently the company released the BlackBerry Passport. This is the company’s attempt at a high-end device with some very decent specs but has met mixed reception, and some BlackBerry users might appreciate a phone aimed at the luxury end […]

BlackBerry Passport review collection

BlackBerry Passport review collection

The BlackBerry Passport smartphone has attracted a certain amount of attention since it released in September. It has some top-flight specs and a physical QWERTY keyboard, but is rather unconventional looking in a love-it-or-hate-it kind of way. It’s always good to look at a review before you purchase a new device so what could be […]

BlackBerry Z70 whopper phablet design

BlackBerry Z70 whopper phablet design

If you’re a BlackBerry device enthusiast and are riding the wave with the trend towards larger handsets you might like to take a look at this new render we’ve come across. This is the BlackBerry Z70, a whopper phablet design that features a 6.7-inch display. We’d like to know what readers think of this latest […]

BlackBerry Passport 2 in the works along with other “unconventional” devices

BlackBerry Passport 4K video specs teased b

The BlackBerry Passport has just been released, and the company apparently is already working on its follow-up. It’s not the only smartphone they have set for a 2015 launch either as they are letting folks know they have several unique devices in the pipeline.

BlackBerry Passport India price shocker, pre-order freebie

BlackBerry Passport India price

We’ve been following developments of the BlackBerry Passport for some months now, and after it was officially globally launched last week the phone has now launched for India. However, there’s a BlackBerry Passport India price shocker, although there is a pre-order freebie up for grabs. A week ago we gave confirmed pricing for the unlocked […]

BlackBerry Passport price revealed ahead of launch

BlackBerry Passport early video look

BlackBerry fans have been waiting a long while to get their hands on one of the company’s new devices, and the wait is almost over. The Passport is set to arrive Wednesday, and we finally know the BlackBerry Passport price a few days before its release.

New BlackBerry Classic Photos Emerge

blackberry classic

BlackBerry is set to launch several new devices before the years out, and while the BlackBerry Passport has gotten a lot of attention, the BlackBerry Classic has a lot of fans. If you dig the old-school BlackBerry, you’ll appreciate the new Blackberry Classic photos that have just hit the net.

New BlackBerry Classic images ahead of launch

BlackBerry Classic images

Back in June two new BlackBerry smartphones were briefly shown by BlackBerry CEO John Chen. This provided our first official sightings of the BlackBerry Passport and Classic phones. The latter device is expected to release in November, and today we have some new BlackBerry Classic images ahead of its launch. We’ve seen plenty of news […]