Samsung Galaxy Tab 3V pricing and availability announced for India

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3V

A new tablet has just been announced for India as Samsung has discreetly added the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3V to their online shop. It may not have arrived with a Splash, but its voice-calling capabilities help it stand out a bit from other mid-range slates.

New Samsung flip phone SM-G9198 specs shown in certification

New Samsung flip phone SM-G9198

Some details of an upcoming Samsung flip phone have emerged today. New Samsung flip phone SM-G9198 specs have shown up during certification, that reveals some pretty decent specs for the clamshell handset. Although some people consider flip phones to be outdated, there are still likely to be some buyers for the SM-G9198. This Samsung flip […]

Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus specifications surface

samsung logo

A number of details have emerged in regards to the Samsung Galaxy S6 Plus Edge and Galaxy Note 5 since they first made their way through the rumor mill. Well, we have some new information to throw into the mix as more specifications for both devices have emerged.

Samsung Galaxy A8 price revealed with release date

Samsung Galaxy A8 price and release

The Samsung Galaxy A8 has to be one of the company’s worst kept secrets. Although the smartphone has still not been made official there has been a plentiful amount of leaks for this device over the last few months. Now the Samsung Galaxy A8 price and release details have surfaced. At the end of last […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 sale knocks $200 off for US customers

galaxy note 4 sale

We love a good promo as much as anyone, and today there’s a doozy for consumers in the states. A new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 sale has just kicked off, and it’s offering up a significant price cut for a limited time.

Samsung Galaxy V Plus budget phone releases

Samsung Galaxy V Plus release

A new Samsung smartphone has been revealed today called the Samsung Galaxy V Plus. This is a low-end handset and if you look at its title it would be easy to confuse it with the Galaxy S5 Plus. However, once you look at the specs it becomes clear that they are not similar at all, […]

Samsung Galaxy J2 leaked specs emerge

Samsung Galaxy J2 specs

Many readers will have heard of the Samsung Galaxy J series for the more affordable end of the market. The first to arrive was the low-end Galaxy J1 earlier this year while the Galaxy J5 and J7 are both recent additions to the line. Now there’s some news on a Samsung Galaxy J2, as leaked […]

iPhone 6 vs Xperia Z3+, LG G4, Galaxy S6 Edge Internet speed test

iPhone 6 vs Xperia Z3+, LG G4, Galaxy S6 Edge

From time to time we like to share videos that we come across, and today is one of those occasions. We’re showing a video comparison of the Apple iPhone 6 vs. Xperia Z3+, LG G4 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge in an Internet speed test. These are all top-flight smartphones so it can be intriguing […]

Galaxy Note 5 design shown in new CAD renders

galaxy note 5 design

Every year Samsung rolls out a new Note, and everyone goes a little nutty. New renders of the Galaxy Note 5 design have leaked today, and it may be time to temper those expectations if you’re a fan of certain flagship features.

Samsung Z3 specs show notable improvement

Samsung Z3 specs

For some months now we’ve been hearing leaks about a Samsung Z2 successor to the Samsung Z1 Tizen phone. This was thrown up into the air last week when it was reported that the Samsung Z3 would be the next Tizen smartphone, skipping the Z2 altogether. Now there’s new information with plenty of details on […]