The Sharp ZETA hits Japan with a Snapdragon 810 and Fingerprint Scanner

sharp zeta

We’ve seen some interesting phones come through NTT Docomo over the years, and you can now add another to the list. The Sharp ZETA isn’t a themed device or variant, but a new high-end handset from an unlikely source.

The Sharp AQUOS Xx passes through the FCC

sharp aquos xx

Like phones with bezels that are barely there? If so, you probably heard about the Sharp Aquos Crystal or the Sharp Aquos Xx. The recently announced handsets are a sight to behold, and the company’s flagship, the Sharp Aquos Xx has just passed through the FCC.

Sharp Aquos Xx flagship release set for June

Sharp Aquos Xx release set

There are plenty of interesting devices being introduced at the moment, and Sharp has just announced its new flagship smartphone called the Sharp Aquos Xx. It has some very decent specs and will release on SoftBank Mobile in Japan in June, though availability for other regions hasn’t been announced yet. The reveal of the Aquos […]

Sharp Aquos Crystal 2 release set for July

Sharp Aquos Crystal 2 release

Details of the Sharp Aquos Crystal 2 smartphone have emerged from the company, a successor to the first Aquos Crystal that released last year. The Sharp Aquos Crystal 2 release is set for July this year, so although Sharp hasn’t given a precise release date we do know that it will be available this summer. […]

Sharp Aquos Pad SH-05G launching with a Snapdragon 810 and 4G LTE

sharp aquos pad SH-05G

Sharp still isn’t a household name when it comes to smartphones and tablets, but devices like the Aquos Crystal are helping them spread the word. That handset was a surprise, and the same can be said for a new tablet called the Sharp Aquos Pad SH-05G that is gearing up to launch in Japan.

Sharp unveils the Aquos mini SHV31 and Flip K smartphones

Aquos mini SHV31

Sharp has announced two new smartphones today, and both have surprised us in totally different ways. The speedy Sharp Aquos mini SHV31 features the company’s EDGEST design whereas the Aquos K Flip is a midrange flip phone.

Sharp makes things official for the Aquos Crystal X

sharp aquos crystal x

Sharp surprised a lot of us when the showed off the Aquos Crystal and its super slim bezels. They did it again by actually bringing the device to the states back in October. A few days ago, they made things official for the souped up version of the Crystal, so now we’re going to take a look at the Sharp Aquos Crystal X.

The Sharp Aquos Crystal lands in the US at Sprint and Boost Mobile

sharp aquos crystal

Exclusivity is a pretty big deal these days, and AT&T has been busy on that front this year by already locking down a few exclusives. One phone they didn’t nab is the Sharp Aquos Crystal, and that edgeless smartphone has just landed in the states courtesy of Sprint.

Disney Mobile SH-02G specs show a surprisingly powerful device

disney mobile SH-02G

If you get a kick out of interesting smartphones, you’ll enjoy this and if you’re a Disney nut, you’ll probably drool. Apparently, Disney has put out a few smartphones, and a new one has arrived called the Disney Mobile SH-02G. It’s definitely a device that looks like it’s from the House of Mouse, but the Disney Mobile SH-02G specs tell a different story.

The Sharp Aquos Crystal has the slimmest Bezels on the Planet

sharp aquos crystal

Sharp is known for cranking out Aquos TV sets with super-slim bezels, and they’re bringing that design to mobiles. The Sharp Aquos Crystal is the company’s shiny new flagship, and a new report has it headed to Sprint.