Vodafone Smart Ultra 6 has decent specs, affordable price

Vodafone Smart Ultra 6 price, specs

We have some interesting news for UK smartphone buyers, as operator Vodafone has just introduced a new own-brand phablet called the Smart Ultra 6. This appears to offer very decent value for its money, so read on for details of the Vodafone Smart Ultra 6 specs, price and more. The Smart Ultra 6 is manufactured […]

The Galaxy Note Edge lands at Vodafone UK

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Uk release b

We were aware the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge would land in the UK this week, and today it has done just that. The curved device is now available to purchase in the UK, but you’ll have to go to Vodaphone to get it as they’ve locked down a period of exclusivity.

Vodafone UK offering some nice price cuts

Vodafone UK offering some nice price cuts

If you are not worried about owning the latest flagship smartphones or want an Apple iPhone, there are plenty of cheaper handsets available for purchase, and we now have news that Vodafone UK are offering some nice price cuts. Vodafone has announced the start of the Affordable Smartphone Campaign which runs from now until the […]

Vodafone 4G deal is tempting

Vodafone 4G deal is tempting

After falling behind other countries the 4G LTE market in the UK is getting more competitive as new networks are built and expanded across the country, and now a new Vodafone 4G deal will be tempting for a number of mobile users. The carrier has today announced that its 4G customers will now get a […]

Eurotunnel anniversary celebrated with new mobile service

Eurotunnel anniversary celebrated with new mobile service

There was a time when trying to use your mobile phone you would lose signal when going underground, but technology is moving on to allow us to use our devices in almost any situation. Now the Eurotunnel 20th anniversary is celebrated with a new mobile service. 20 years ago today the Channel Tunnel was officially […]

Vodafone Easter sale is tempting

Vodafone Easter sale is tempting

While we have seen many great flagship smartphones made available already this year not everyone can afford or even needs such a device. Luckily there are lots of more affordable new handsets on offer and the Vodafone Easter sale is pretty tempting. It has been revealed that from now until April 21st Vodafone is offering […]

Samsung Galaxy S3 Vodafone PAYG bargain


Big Red in the UK Vodafone have just announced they are selling off a few devices starting today, you can pick up the Samsung Galaxy S3 for only £119! Here is the official release from Vodafone From now until 31 March, there’s a whopping 30% off a choice of three amazing Pay as you go […]

Vodafone attempt to discredit RootMetrics

vodafone rootsmetric

Vodafone have attempted to discredit an earlier report from RootMetrics who voted EE the best mobile provider in the UK and in the same report said that Vodafone was the worst within the London area. Vodafone management have released a statement via their company forums saying that the data from RootMetrics is inaccurate and the results should not […]

Vodafone Red XXL 4G plan launched

vodafone red

Looks like Vodafone is starting to expand its 4G data offerings from today they are launching a new Red XXL 4G plan that gives you up to 13gb of data. Now 13gb is more than enough for most of the population, even 1-2gb if more than enough but for a select number of users they want […]

Vodafone UK expanding 4G LTE network from mid-October


There’s some interesting news today if you’re waiting for Vodafone 4G LTE to be supported in your area. Vodafone UK is expanding its 4G LTE network from mid-October, after initially launching the service for London. The Vodafone 4G LTE network launched in late August and the carrier now reports that around 100,000 people have already […]