Apple iPhone, RIM Blackberry = good results as demand for Smartphones soars


Good news as according to a report over at in relation to research carried out by Parks Associates the demand for Smartphones just keeps on increasing. Demand for phones such as Apple’s iPhone and Research In Motions BlackBerry has continued to soar which mean the companies will report accelerating market growth in this months […]

Nokia to get MeeGo v1.1 in October


Looks like there is some good news here for Nokia fans as it seems in 6 months time in October of this year MeeGo V1.1 is expected to arrive this has been confirmed by Intel. The biggest part of this story is that apparently MeeGo is working in collaboration with Nokia and the details have […]

Palm Looks to Huawei as Potential Purchaser

Palm Looks to Huawei as Potential Purchaser

One wouldn’t credit it but word has it that cheap Android manufacturer Huawei was apparently approached by Palm back in February with a view to purchasing the troubled Palm Pre and webOS maker according to an article over on gizmodo. Apparently Reuters reported that Palm actually uses investment bankers as middlemen to approach Huawei for […]

BlackBerry Pearl 9100 running on Telus network


You may remember a few days ago we reported on a rumour that the Blackberry Pearl was going to be tested by Telus. If you missed the article and want to catch up then it can be viewed here. Well that rumour has actually turned out to be true so it seems as a report […]

HTC Incredible full specifications inc 3.7 WVGA OLED display


Here is some information that we have all been awaiting patiently for the specifications for the HTC Incredible are now out and about. Thanks to the folks over at via for the details. There are some truly notable features which include a 3.7 inch OLED capacitive touchscreen for starters that also has a […]

Videos: Nokia E5 and Nokia C3 Messaging Demo

Videos: Nokia E5 and Nokia C3 Messaging Demo

Nokia has only just unveiled their latest handsets which include the Nokia E5 and Nokia C3, and the latest Nokia handsets seem to be all about social networking, keeping in touch and messaging. So with this in mind we have a couple of video demonstrations for your viewing pleasure today, one video showing messaging on […]

iPhone OS 4.0 Has Dedicated Support for In Car Use

iPhone OS 4.0 Has Dedicated Support for In Car Use

Well the new iPhone OS 4.0 has been in the hands of the developers for a few days now and stuff inside iPhone Os 4.0 just keeps on popping up and something that has just been located is dedicated support for in car use reports an article over on engadget. Which they say could also […]

Android Puma Phone Coming from Sagem in 2011

Android Puma Phone Coming from Sagem in 2011

The Android platform seems to be popping up just about everywhere these days, and now it appears that Sagem is taking on the Android platform for a new Puma phone according to an article over on intomobile who gained the information via gsmarena. Apparently it is at present in the rumour stakes, but Sagem will […]

Will Verizon announce HTC Incredible and Nexus One? Four phones coming soon

Will Verizon announce HTC Incredible and Nexus One Four phones coming soon

Yesterday the Microsoft Kin One and Kin Two phones were announced, but according to the Examiner Verizon will be launching four new phones this quarter not including the Kin handsets, so in total that means the Big Red will have 6 new smartphones come the end of this quarter. Many of you was hoping that […]

Palm confirms Vodafone and 02 Germany will get Pre Plus, Pixi Plus


Originally posted as just a rumour after the sighting of a billboard in Germany it has been confirmed by Palm that it isn’t just 02 that will be carrying the Palm Pixi apparently Vodafone are joining in on the game as well. What’s more although on the billboard we only saw the image of the […]