Samsung Galaxy Skin flexible phone 2015 possibilities

Samsung Galaxy Skin flexible phone 2015 possibilities

Back in 2011 there were reports of a new smartphone called the Samsung Galaxy Skin with a special AMOLED display made with graphene material, this is said to be the flexible foldable phone. So far we have heard no more of it until now and could see a 2015 release possibility. The Samsung Galaxy Skin […]

iPhone 5S or 6 flexible display with serious feedback

iPhone 5S or 6 flexible display with serious feedback

We can all sit here and wonder if Apple will ever consider using flexible displays on future iPhones, the possibility of the iPhone 5S or 6 featuring a flexible display with serious feedback is slim, or is it? Back in 2011 Apple’s force measurement patent application was filed, which credits go to Fletcher R. Rothkopf, […]

Samsung Galaxy Youm phone with flexible display envisioned


For some time now we’ve been discussing the development of flexible displays coming to future smartphones and Samsung was one of the first major manufacturers to begin this innovation. The giant tech manufacturer could also be the first to get a new handset to the market with a flexible display. While we wait to find […]

Samsung flexible tablet with edge to edge display flaunted


The idea of flexible displays coming to the next swathe of flagship devices has been rumored for several months now and many major manufacturers are in a race to be the first to produce such a device. Samsung has been one of the known innovators in this field and although we might not see these […]

Flexible smartphone screen technology: When is it coming?

Gadget Show Samsung

The hype around flexible screens has been building for quite some time but things have started to heat up as smartphone manufacturers battle it out to be the first to launch the new technology. But, what exactly is flexible smartphone screen technology and how does it work? Well, it’s also known as OLED technology, which […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 design feature doubts

Galaxy Note 3 design feature doubts

Despite being hugely popular Samsung smartphones come under some criticism about their build quality, which can be mainly from Apple fans that should be more worried about easily scratching their iPhone 5. Now some design features that were thought to be coming to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 are in doubt. We will start with […]

Samsung Youm phone-like device with flexible display


Chatter about flexible display technology coming from Samsung has been going on for quite some time now. And during CES 2013 in Las Vegas, the South Korean company showed off that flexible display tech that is called Youm, which is said to deliver better contrast and colours in a super thin form factor using OLED […]

The future of bendy phones discussed

The future of bendy phones discussed pic 1

What if, in the very near future, mobile phones were introduced in a format that was as thin as a sheet of paper and could be bent or folded into any shape? At the very least, a strong yet flexible device would mean extra durability and a longer life, because its pliable nature would mean […]

Samsung 5.5-inch flexible screens at CES, Galaxy Note 3 surely


As we near the end of the year we are starting to focus on the products that next year will bring and one device that we’ve posted on recently is the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (Note III). One of the things that we’ve particularly discussed is the possibility that the Note 3 may be one […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 & Note 3 even more likely to feature flexible displays


Although they are both several months away at least, attention in the tech world is already turning to the next editions of Samsung’s flagship devices. The Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 are due for release in 2013 and previously we have discussed what changes there might be. We have also mentioned the possibility […]