The Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff Star Trek event is live

family guy quest star trek

To say Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff is a popular game would be a bit of an understatement. Tinyco’s game has racked up well over 10,000,000 downloads on Android alone, and we’ve seen several themed updates and events since its inception. The latest one, may just turn out to be the greatest one as a massive Star Trek event has arrived.

Free Android Games and Apps abound in the Amazon Appstore Birthday Sale

Amazon Apps store

It seems like only yesterday that we only had one App store to peruse for Android devices. Over the years, several new ones have sprang up, but the Amazon Appstore has easily taken second place to Google Play. In fact, they are celebrating their fourth birthday today and they’re giving away over $100 in free Android games and apps to mark the celebration.

DeNA will bring Nintendo mobile games to the masses this fall


There are countless emulators out there that let you game out with classic console titles from Sega and Nintendo. That said, Nintendo has made it known they have no intention of porting any of their popular titles to mobile devices. Well, it seems they’ve given in a little bit as DeNA has announced a new partnership with the company that will bring Nintendo mobile games to devices this fall.

Gameloft’s Dungeon Hunter 5 finally arrives for Android and iOS

dungeon hunter 5

Gameloft has cranked out many mobile games over the years, and their Dungeon Hunter franchise is arguably one of the most popular. The latest installment in the series arrived yesterday with the Dungeon Hunter 5 release, and after spending some time with the game, we’re back to give you the scoop.

Angry Birds Stella POP! arrives for Android and iOS

Stella Pop

Rovio has been in the news quite a bit lately with the recently release of Jolly Jam and the soft-launch of a brand new Angry Birds game. Well, they just unleashed another mobile game that we didn’t see coming, and it’s probably not what you’re going to expect. Angry Birds Stella POP! has landed, and it’s here to eat up all your free time.

Angry Birds Under Pigstruction enters Soft Launch on iOS

angry birds under construction

Rovio has put out a slew of games since the original Angry Birds first graced our mobiles. Those birds have come a long way in a short time, but it’s been a while since we had a “true” Angry Birds game. That’s going to change in the very near future as Rovio has just unleashed Angry Birds Under Pigstruction in soft launch mode for folks on iOS.

Zeptolab’s King of Thieves finally hits Google Play

king of thieves

If you’ve picked up a mobile device over the past couple of years, you have probably played a ZeptoLab game. You may not know the name at first, but their main mascot, Om Nom is very recognizable thanks to Cut the Rope. The company has a new game out called King of Thieves, and after a small layover on Amazon, it is finally available on Google Play.

Rovio Stars unleashes Jolly Jam for Android and iOS

jolly jam

Rovio is known for Angry Birds, and there is no doubt it’s the studios bread and butter. It isn’t the only game they are involved in though as there Rovio Stars label has put out some pretty slick games. You can now add one more to that list with the recently released Jolly Jam.

One Piece Treasure Cruise game arrives for iOS and Android

one piece treasure cruise

The App Store and Google Play are vast collections full of more games than you could ever hope to play, and we’re just talking about the English stores. What’s popular in one region may never arrive in another local, but one of Japan’s most popular mobile titles has just arrived in the US. It’s called the One Piece Treasure Cruise game, and you can thank Namco Bandai for killing your free time.

Transformers: Battle Tactics arrives for iOS and Android

transformers battle tactics

The Transformers were insanely popular in the 80s, and whether you like it or not, they received a resurgence thanks to Michael Bay. There are dozens of Transformers games out there these days, and mobile gamers have a new one to play with as DeNA has just dropped Transformers: Battle Tactics for iOS and Android.