One Piece Treasure Cruise game arrives for iOS and Android

one piece treasure cruise

The App Store and Google Play are vast collections full of more games than you could ever hope to play, and we’re just talking about the English stores. What’s popular in one region may never arrive in another local, but one of Japan’s most popular mobile titles has just arrived in the US. It’s called the One Piece Treasure Cruise game, and you can thank Namco Bandai for killing your free time.

Transformers: Battle Tactics arrives for iOS and Android

transformers battle tactics

The Transformers were insanely popular in the 80s, and whether you like it or not, they received a resurgence thanks to Michael Bay. There are dozens of Transformers games out there these days, and mobile gamers have a new one to play with as DeNA has just dropped Transformers: Battle Tactics for iOS and Android.

Kairosoft finally brings Anime Studio Story to Android

anime studio story

If you enjoy a good mobile simulation game, it’s hard to beat one of Kairosoft’s titles. The company has gained a lot of fans with their quirky releases, and it’s generally big news whenever they decide to port a game over to Android or iOS. We’re pleased to say they’ve done just that, and you can now download Anime Studio Story for Android.

Humble Cartoon Network Games Bundle has arrived for Android

humble cartoon network bundle

Every two weeks or so, a new Humble Bundle arrives and it’s a glorious day if you own an Android device and dig games or a good sale. This week’s bundle should please a lot of folks as the Humble Cartoon Network Games Bundle has landed, and it’s bringing a whole lot of wackiness along for the ride.

Android Game of the Week: Skyward from Ketchapp

Skyward Ketchapp

Last year, a killer game by the name of Monument Valley grabbed a lot of Android gamers attention. As with any popular title, we expected to see “clones” but that hasn’t happened as it’s hard to replicate something that cool. When we first saw Ketchapp’s Skyward arrive on the Play Store, it’s style screamed Monument Valley, but we were pleasantly surprised that it’s on the opposite end of the casual gaming spectrum.

LEGO Movie Video Game iOS release brings Emmett and the gang to Mobiles

lego the movie video game

Whether you love or loathe animated features, the LEGO Movie struck a chord with a lot of folks young and old. The film was a huge hit, and the video game did pretty well for itself as well. If you’re a brickhead that loves mobile games, today is your lucky day as Warner Bros. has dropped The LEGO Movie Video Game for iOS.

WWE Immortals released for Android and iOS

wwe immortals

We saw a number of good looking fighting games arrive on mobiles last year, and 2015 is shaping up to be no different. The first big mobile fighting game of the year has arrived in the form of WWE Immortals for Android and iOS, and it’s safe to say it isn’t your typical brawler…

Nitrome’s Gunbrick arrives for Android and iOS


Nitrome released a popular little puzzler on mobiles last year with Icebreaker: A Viking’s Voyage. Well, they’ve just released a new game with Gunbrick for Android and iOS, and it is hands down one of the more interesting “puzzle” games you’re likely to play.

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga for Android arrives for $6.99

Star Wars The Complete Saga LEGO

Lego games are becoming increasingly popular, and they are a great fit for mobiles. It’s also safe to say that Star Wars is pretty popular, so when you combine the two it’s easy to imagine an instant hit. Console and PC gamers got down with one such game roughly 10 years ago, and now LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga for Android has finally arrived.

Huge Google Play Year-End Sale offers up deep Game Discounts

google play logo

If you’re thinking about maxing out your plastic tonight in a rush to pick up last minute gifts, you may want to save a little space on a card if you dig Android games. Google is holding a huge Year-End Sale, and some of the more popular games in the Play Store on sale at a deep discount.