iPhone 6S, 6S Plus unconfirmed specs and features

iPhone 6S, 6S Plus

Now we’ve seen the introduction of new Android flagships such as the HTC One M9, Samsung Galaxy S6, and LG G4, it’s about the time of year when we see rumors ramp up for the next Apple iPhone. This often stems from so-called insider sources, and that’s also the case for the news today. Up […]

The iPhone 7 release may come in three different sizes


It’s safe to say that Apple had a good year last year with the release of the larger iPhone 6’s. That said, some are going to miss the smaller form factor, it’s natural when the dimensions have largely stayed the same for so long. Well, you may not have to languish of the mini iPhone any longer as a new rumor suggests the iPhone 7 release may remedy that.

iPhone 6C renders for prospective design

iPhone 6C renders

When Apple unveiled the iPhone 5S back in 2013 it also introduced a lower-cost plastic phone in a variety of bright colors, the iPhone 5C. In September last year the company revealed the new iPhone 6 along with a larger variant called the iPhone 6 Plus, but this time around there was no plastic-cased model. […]

iPhone 6S and 6S Mini designs to tantalize

iPhone 6S, 6S Mini

Many of us are already looking ahead to the new iPhone 2015 and although many people are referring to it as the iPhone 7, it’s far more likely to be dubbed the iPhone 6S following previous naming patterns. It’s always interesting to see the first ideas surface for how a major new device might look, […]

New iPhone 7 /6S specs rumor concerns RAM

iPhone 7 :6S specs rumor

Once we hit a new year it never takes very long for speculation to start ramping up about the next Apple iPhone. The 2015 iPhone isn’t expected until later in the year but that doesn’t keep the rumor mill from its steady grind. Now a new iPhone 7 /6S specs rumor concerns the RAM for […]

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 7 /6S vs HTC One M9 for 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 7 vs HTC One M9

Now we’ve had all of the big releases this year our attention is already turning to some of the top flagships for next year. Samsung, Apple and HTC all have popular lines for high-end phones, so today we though we’d look forward at what may be offered with the Samsung Galaxy S6 vs. iPhone 7 […]

iPhone 7 /6S camera specs could be substantial

iPhone 7 :6S camera specs

It may be a long way off yet but news about the 2015 iPhone has already begun. One thing that many buyers would like to see for the next iPhone (commonly referred to as the iPhone 7 though more likely to be dubbed the iPhone 6S) is an improved camera set-up, and this now seems […]

iPhone 6 and 6S visions with new iPod touch

iPhone 6, 6S visions and new iPod touch

With excitement beginning to ramp up for the iPhone 6 it’s always interesting to look at design ideas as tantalizers for what might be offered. Today we have iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S visions to show you, as well as a new iPod touch. We’d like to know what you think of these creations? The […]

iPhone 6S design offers realistic specs

iPhone 6S design offers realistic specs

It’s always interesting when designers look ahead to future smartphone offerings and we’ve already seen countless renders for the iPhone 6 but very few for the iPhone 6S. Today though, we have an iPhone 6S design offering realistic specs for you to check out. This is an interesting concept idea as rather than the futuristic […]

iPhone 6S design with believable styling

iPhone 6S design with believable styling

One thing we’re seeing plenty of at the moment is concept ideas for the iPhone 6 due to release later this year. However, the design we’re showing you here today goes one step further than that as it’s a vision of the iPhone 6S. Rather than being too futuristic this iPhone 6S design offers believable […]