iPhone 6S camera specs in new leak

iPhone 6S camera specs in new leak

There are increasing leaks about the Apple iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, and something that many people are looking for with the new iPhones for 2015 is improved camera capabilities. Now some iPhone 6S camera specs have turned up in a new leak, and although this news is unconfirmed it does tie in with previous […]

iPhone 6S metal casing in new images gives clues

iPhone 6S metal casing images

Apple news really steps up at this time of year and attention is now on the iPhone 6S and the iOS 9 release. The new iPhone 2015 is widely expected to release around September time going by patterns of previous iPhone arrivals, and there have recently been an increasing amount of leaks. Now the iPhone […]

iPhone 6S design brings 3D feature

iPhone 6S design with 3D feature

The rumor mill is really ramping up now for this year’s expected iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. We’re seeing a growing amount of leaks but until Apple chooses to announce the next-generation iPhones it’s all unofficial news. However, we can use the time to tease ourselves by taking a look at concept ideas, and […]

iPhone 2015 now in production with Force Touch

iPhone 2015 already in production

About this time of year we start hearing an increasing amount of leaks and news about the next iPhone. For some time there have been rumors that the iPhone 6S as it’s likely to be called (not iPhone 7) will feature Force Touch technology. Now the new iPhone 2015 is already in production and the […]

New iPhone 6S render inspired by leaks

New iPhone 6S render

The new iPhone 2015 is likely to release around September and be dubbed the iPhone 6S, although we often see it referred to as the iPhone 7. Leaks and rumors are stepping up the closer we get to its launch, and now we’re showing a new iPhone 6S render that is inspired by those leaks. […]

iPhone 6S tantalizer comes with specs

iPhone 6S tantalizer design c

There’s plenty of focus on the next iPhone, likely to be the iPhone 6S although many are referring to it as the iPhone 7. If expectations bear out, the new iPhone for 2015 will be revealed in September, and we’re already seeing an increasing number of leaks and rumors about the device. One thing we’ve […]

iPhone 7 release realism, miss the 6S

iPhone 7 release realism, miss iPhone 6S b

Some smartphone enthusiasts may have been hoping for news on new iPhones at Apple’s recent WWDC event, but we never expected that to happen. We did hear more about iOS 9 though, and there are already plenty of rumors circulating about the iPhone 6S launch later this year. However, we wanted to take a moment […]

iPhone 7 or 6S bezel-free display prospect

iPhone 7 or 6S bezel-free display prospect

Rumors and leaks are already in motion for the Apple iPhone 6S release this year and also the iPhone 7 that we expect to see in 2016. Although nothing is official yet, a new patent discusses an iPhone 7 or 6S bezel-free display prospect. This would certainly give a whole new look to the iPhone, […]

iPhone 7 or 6S new slick design with specs

iPhone 7 :6S design b

Apple’s WWDC begins tomorrow and although we expect to hear plenty about iOS 9 we don’t expect to see new iPhones. However, that doesn’t stop designers coming up with ideas for how the next iPhone might look, and these tantalizers can offer up some interesting prospects. Today we’re sharing an iPhone 7 or 6S new […]

iPhone 6S release date may have been revealed

iPhone 6S release date may have been revealed

Many people are already thinking about the iPhone 6S expected this year, although this is also being dubbed the iPhone 7 by some. We have a good idea of roughly when it will become available going on patterns in previous years, but now the actual iPhone 6S release date may have been revealed. This is […]