Lenovo unveils the Lenovo Smart Cast projector phone

lenovo smart cast

If you’re reading a site that covers mobiles and technology, there’s a good chance you think lasers are awesome. LG surprised us with laser-assisted focus on their flagship last year, and now it’s Lenovo’s turn with the Lenovo Smart Cast phone.

Lenovo Vibe Shot price and release date are revealed

lenovo vibe shot

Lenovo has put out some intriguing smartphones over the past year, but many have failed to notice as the handsets usually don’t go global. That shouldn’t be the case with one of their latest devices, and now we have something to go on as the Lenovo Vibe Shot pricing and availability has just been announced.

Lenovo A3900 announced with octa-core chip

lenovo A3900

Lenovo wasn’t a brand we covered too many times last year, but 2015 has been a different story. The company has produced several popular handset like the Lenovo A6000. Today the company has unleashed another A-device for China with the Lenovo A3900.

The Lenovo K80 has 4GB of RAM and a $290 price tag

Lenovo K80

It’s not hard to see trends coming in the smartphone world, and last year we knew we’d be seeing a lot of QHD displays in 2015. That prediction has come true, and it looks like 2016 may be the year of big batteries and lots of RAM. We’ve touched on several upcoming handsets with both features, and you can now add one more to the list with the Lenovo K80.

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 India release arrives with a Rs. 24,499 price tag

lenovo yoga tab 2

We cover a lot of low-power devices for India, but now we’re going to flip the script and take a look at a tablet with a bit more pop. Lenovo has just brought a new tablet to the region with the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2, and while it carries a Rs. 24,499 price tag, it offers up plenty of features to justify that price.

Lenovo unleashes a $60 smartphone with the Lenovo A1900

Lenovo A1900

It’s safe to say a lot of budget handsets make their way through our site, and while we try to not refer to them as cheap, some are just that – in a good way. The Lenovo A1900 price has just been announced at $60, which makes it one of the cheapest Android handsets money can buy.

Lenovo P70 price in India announced at Rs. 15,999


Whenever we come across a phone with a big battery, we tend to show it some love as nobody likes carrying a brick in their pocket. The Lenovo P70 is one such device, and while it was announced for China, we hoped to see it roll out to other regions. Well, that’s happened today as the Lenovo P70 price in India has been announced along with the release date.

Lenovo A7600-M specs and photos leak

Lenovo A7600M

Lenovo’s handsets may not be as popular as some of the ones we’ve seen from Motorola, the company they purchased. They are getting better however, and their prices are something that has made a lot of folks sit up and take notice. One of their newest handsets is called the Lenovo A7600-M, and a new leak gives us a good look at its design.

Motorola’s President reveals 2015 lineup details on Twitter

Motorola G Titan and E Styx

We get information from all kinds of sources these days, but it’s always nice when it’s of the official variety. Earlier today, we told you about Motorola’s plans for the Moto X 2015, and now we’re going to let you know what else the company has in the works this year.

Lenovo A7000 release date tipped for April 7th in India

Lenovo A7000 India invite

Amid the slew of smartphones announced at MWC 2015 was a device called the Lenovo A7000. The company kept the information light in terms of the Lenovo A7000 release, but that’s changed today. The Lenovo A7000 release date is approaching for India, and the date may be set for April 7th.