ZUK Z1 smartphone zooms through TENAA certification

zuk Z1 smartphone

The ZUK Z1 smartphone release is set to be announced in a few short weeks, and we recently got an official look at the handset. As expected, the device has just passed through TENAA in China, so we’re getting a second helping of the ZUK Z1 specs and a few more photos.

Lenovo K3 Note vs Samsung Galaxy J5, value or brand

Lenovo K3 Note vs Samsung Galaxy J5

The Lenovo K3 Note and Samsung Galaxy J5 are both popular affordable devices right now, with the Samsung handset the more expensive of the two. So does the extra money get you a lot more than with the Lenovo handset? That’s what we aim to clarify with our comparison of the Lenovo K3 Note vs. […]

ZUK Z1 release coming soon, announcement set for August 11th


The YU Yureka Plus was announced earlier today, but it’s not the only sub-brand around. Lenovo’s ZUK Z1 release date is getting closer as the company has just unveiled the date for an official announcement.

Lenovo K3 Note battery life performance compared

Lenovo K3 Note battery life performance compared b

The Lenovo K3 Note is a smash hit right now in some markets, and flash sales in India are selling out of units within seconds. Many people are trying to get hold of it but if you’re still considering whether to buy or not, you might want to consider how it copes as far as […]

Lenovo K3 Note review on gaming performance

Lenovo K3 Note review on gaming experience

The Lenovo K3 Note smartphone is flying off the shelves at the moment. It’s at the affordable end of the market and has some decent specs for its price, so plenty of buyers might be considering buying it. If you enjoy mobile gaming and are looking into this phone you’re likely to be interested in […]

ZUK Z1 specs leak reveals Processor and RAM


Lenovo is joining the sub-brand club with the ZUK Z1 launch, and today new ZUK Z1 specs have surfaced to give us a a better idea of what to expect from Lenovo’s new brand.

Lenovo K3 Note benchmark results compared

Lenovo K3 Note benchmark results compared

The Lenovo K3 Note is proving a bit hit among buyers who want a decently specced smartphone with an affordable price. It has a lot to offer for the money, and so many consumers will be considering it as their next smartphone. It’s always a good idea to check out some benchmark testing on a […]

Lenovo Vibe P1 specs show up in certification

Lenovo Vibe P1 specs

Readers with good memories may remember that way back in February we reported on some new Lenovo smartphones that were in the pipeline. It was thought that these were going to be unveiled at MWC but that failed to materialize. One of these phones was the Vibe P1, and now some Lenovo Vibe P1 specs […]

Moto G 2nd gen vs Lenovo K3 Note India price dilemma

Moto G 2nd gen vs Lenovo K3 Note

The second-generation Moto G has been an extremely popular device in India since its launch but it’s now facing competition from the competitively priced Lenovo K3 Note. The Motorola phone would have been more expensive but today we’re looking at the Moto G 2nd gen vs Lenovo K3 Note in an India price dilemma. This […]

The ZUK Z1 will ship with huge battery and U-Touch system


It’s nothing new for a smartphone company to launch a sub-brand, and Lenovo is joining the club with the ZUK Z1. Lenovo gave the world details on the ZUK Z1 smartphone specs this morning, and it’s certainly shaping up to be an interesting device.