Microsoft Lumia 840 render with detailed specs

Microsoft Lumia 840 render

For several months now there have been rumors about some new Microsoft Lumia smartphones that would be more highly specced than the last few releases. The Microsoft Lumia 840 and Lumia 840 XL are two of these, and evidence has been growing following spots of the phones in testing. While we wait for them to […]

New Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Intel i7 model has cheaper price

MIcrosoft Surface Pro 3 i7 model

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet released last year in several different variants. The lowest-priced models used Intel i3 or Intel i5 processors while models with the Intel i7 processor had the highest pricing. Now there’s a new Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Intel i7 model that has a cheaper price. The Surface Pro 3 packing […]

Lumia 1030 spotted with Verizon branding

Lumia 1030

Remember the rumored Lumia 1030? It’s been a while since we heard anything about the mythical beast, but today a part appeared that shows the Lumia 1030 may be headed to Big Red.

Lumia 940 XL specs sighted in benchmark

Microsoft Lumia 940 XL specs sighted

Leaks and rumors about the Microsoft Lumia 940 XL and smaller Lumia 940 have been flooding in just lately. We’ve previously seen a benchmark appearance of the Microsoft Lumia 940 giving away some of the specs. Now some Microsoft Lumia 940 XL specs have been sighted on a benchmark site. At the weekend we gave […]

The Microsoft Lumia 640 XL arrives at AT&T for $299 sans contact

microsoft lumia 640xl

The Lumia 640 XL was announced in March and rolled out to the UK soon after. We knew it would arrive in the states eventually, and today it did just that courtesy of AT&T.

Nokia smartphone design and licensing set to begin again in 2016

nokia logo

Many miss the Nokia of old, we recently got a look at a cancelled smartwatch with the Nokia Moonraker. The smartphone world assumes that Nokia will eventually get back to what it does best, and a new report confirms that new Nokia smartphone designs are on the way.

Nokia Microsoft Moonraker smartwatch shows what could have been

microsoft moonraker

Every manufacturer has products that never see the light of day, and Nokie is no exception. The Microsoft Moonraker smartwatch was one of those gadgets, and today we’re getting a look at what could have been if the project wasn’t cancelled.

Unlocked Lumia smartphones available through Microsoft in the UK and US

unlocked lumia smartphone

The Lumia brand may not be on top anymore, but they sure do have a lot of fans. The smartphones continue to sell well whenever they are released, and if you’re looking for an unlocked one, you’re in luck. The Microsoft shop has begun selling unlocked Lumia smartphones, and we’re going to give you the scoop on what’s available in the US and the UK.

Lumia 535 now on sale from Microsoft for US buyers

Microsoft Lumia 535 on sale at Microsoft US

Microsoft has been churning out plenty of affordable lower-end smartphones since adopting the Lumia branding, and the Microsoft Lumia 535 released back in December. Finally, the Lumia 535 is on sale from Microsoft for US buyers, where previously it has only been available stateside through some third-party retailers. We do wonder why it has taken […]

New Nokia 105 cheaply priced featurephone announced

New Nokia 105 cheap price

While we spend a lot of time at Phones Review keeping readers informed about new smartphones, we should always keep in mind that there is still a big demand for budget featurephones. Some people may remember the Nokia 105 that released back in 2013. Now Microsoft has just announced a successor in the form of […]