Microsoft Lumia 940 specs leak shows a new Lumia Flagship

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The new Microsoft Lumia lineup has been leaking like a sieve over the past few days, and we’ve covered the Lumia 1330 and Lumia 535 numerous times. Ready to add one more to the list? The Microsoft Lumia 945 specs have leaked, and it may be the new Lumia you’ve been waiting for…

The first Microsoft Lumia smartphone will be unveiled on November 11

microsoft lumia smartphone

When Microsoft decided to drop the Nokia name for their new lineup of smartphones, nobody was really sure what to expect. There’s been a bit of speculation, but nothing concrete until today. Microsoft dropped a teaser this morning, and it looks like we’ll get to meet the Microsoft Lumia smartphone on November 11th.

Microsoft announces “Microsoft Band” smart fitness tracker, “Microsoft Health” platform


If we take a quick look at the market today, everyone that matters has a smart wearable device, whether that’s a smartwatch or a fitness tracker. Regardless if it’s powered by Android, or Tizen, made by Pebble, Apple, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Sony, or another manufacturer, about the only big name missing from the list is […]

Microsoft releases the XIM app for iOS, Android and Windows

XIM app

We’re big fans of cross-platform applications as it’s no fun to see one OS get a cool app as an exclusive. Microsoft and Fuse Labs feel the same way, and today they’ve released the XIM app across the Windows, Android and iOS platforms.

Microsoft Surface mini release date rumored to arrive before Christmas

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Microsoft sorely disappointed some folks by not releasing a Surface mini. If you were one of them, you’ll be pleased to know a new rumor has the Microsoft Surface mini release date coming right in time for the holidays.

Windows Phone’s Cortana coming to more European countries soon?

Windows Phone 8.1 Cortana voice assistant seen in action

The Windows Phone 8.1 update brought a lot of features and fixes to phones that have received the software refresh, but Cortana is one of the main additions, as Microsoft is joining Google (with its Google now), and Apple (with its Siri) in the personal voice assistant game (sure, there are OEM specific versions as […]

Microsoft Smartwatch concept looks pretty good

Microsoft Smartwatch concept

If you’re following the industry — and chances are you do, since you’re reading this — you know that the Apple Watch is official, joining several Android Wear (for Google-powered smart watches), and other smart wearable timepieces (like some Tizen-powered Samsung devices, or the Pebble). However, two out of the three major players are already […]

Windows Phone 9 could be unveiled on September 30

Sony Vaio Flip 11A Windows 8.1 tablet price

When it comes to Microsoft and Windows Phone, the company has always introduced its next version of the operating system at a given date, with the actual roll-out coming later, sometimes months later. Windows Phone 8.1 hasn’t even landed on all Windows Phone 8 legacy devices, and we’re already talking about the Windows Phone 8.1.1 […]

Skype 5.0 update arrives for Android

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Skype got a bit of a revamp on iOS, and today the Skype 5.0 update rolled out for Android. It’s a major update for the social app, and it will now be a whole lot easier to find your friends on the service.

The Microsoft Surface Mini is Officially Dead

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If you were holding out hope that Microsoft would release the Surface mini this year, you won’t like this news. The company has confirmed that the Surface mini is will not be on the shelves at any time in 2014, so they’ll be no mini Microsoft tabs under the tree this year.