Nexus 8 in claimed dummy unit images

Nexus 8 claimed dummy unit images

Talk of the next Nexus tablet has been pretty quiet, and much of the focus has been on the new LG and Huawei Nexus smartphones for 2015. However, we recently reported on a benchmark spot of a device that could be the Nexus 8 tablet, and now the Nexus 8 has turned up again in […]

Nexus 8 tablet in apparent benchmark spot

Nexus 8 benchmark spot

While there has been plenty of news about new Nexus 2015 smartphones (one from Huawei and one from LG), things have been much quieter as far as a new Nexus tablet is concerned. A Nexus 8 tablet turned up on the rumor mill last year but all went quiet again. However, there has now been […]

Android 5.1 Malteser envisioned


The operating system on the Android platform will soon be undergoing a makeover courtesy of a new version of the firmware that has a more minimalistic look, and is currently being called Android L. Before we see a release of this new software Android 5.1 Malteser has been envisioned. Google recently brought us Android 4.4 […]

HTC Nexus Volantis tablet gets certified in South Korea

RAA HTC Volantis

HTC has left a trail of breadcrumbs for us to follow, and over the past several months we’ve learned quite a bit about the HTC Nexus Volantis tablet. Today we learned the device thought to be the Nexus 8 has just cleared the South Korean version of the FCC, and we got a juicy spec leak as well.

Nexus 9 vs. 8 screen specs, with phone considered

Nexus 9 vs Nexus 8

There has been a lot of speculation about an upcoming Nexus 8 tablet being a larger 8-inch successor to the popular Nexus 7. There has been plenty of evidence that a new larger Nexus tablet is on the way, and it’s now looking increasingly likely to be a Nexus 9 rather than 8. Today we’re […]

New Nexus 8, iPad mini 3 over laptops

Nexus 8, iPad mini 3 over laptops

There was a time when most of us couldn’t imagine we would want or need a tablet device, but of course times change and now many of us would not want to be without them. As the popularity of tablets grows, it seems that laptop devices are being used less. Two of the most hotly […]

New Nexus 8 evidence appears on listing

Nexus 8 evidence appears on import listing

We’ve been seeing plenty of indications of a Google Nexus 8 release this year, although nothing has been made official about this device yet. Many people are hoping for this slightly larger Nexus tablet after the popularity of the Nexus 7, and now there’s further evidence of its existence as the Nexus 8 appears on […]

HTC Nexus 8 release possibility grows

HTC Volantis

There has long been talk that for 2014 we will see a new larger Nexus tablet device taking over from the popular 7-inch model, and now an HTC Nexus 8 possibility grows with some specifications in tow. Some new information has come to light that suggests that HTC is working on an 8.9-inch tablet device […]

Nexus 8 design has camera specs to impress

Nexus 8

There have been a lot of rumours surrounding the Nexus series of hardware over the last few months with talk that Android Silver will be replacing it next year, and today we have a Nexus 8 design for you that has camera specs to impress. We have been hearing a lot of speculation about an […]

Nexus 8 leaked design and specs are unbelievable

Nexus 8 leaked design is unbelievable

The Nexus line of mobile products has been the subject of numerous rumours recently that have included going in a new direction, but the leaked Nexus 8 design and specs we have today are unbelievable. There have been months of rumours suggesting that Google will be providing a Nexus 8 tablet PC at some point […]