New Samsung Smartwatch with Fingerprint Scanner in the works


Samsung has churned out enough smartphones to provide a handset to every person on earth, and it looks like they’re going to do the same with their wearables. The Gear S was just recently revealed, and now we’re hearing rumors of a new Samsung smartwatch with an interesting feature.

This iPhone 6 is turned on

iphone 6 working

The iPhone 6 ship is leaking like a sieve at the moment, and we’re only a few days out from the official unveiling. The latest leak is an interesting one as it actually shows the rumored iPhone 6 turned on, and there’s a change to a familiar icon as well.

You can now Unlock the Moto X with Digital Tattoos

moto digital tattoo

Last weekend, the Moto X was in the news for a nice temporary price cut, and now we’re going to tell you about a new temporary accessory for the handset. Ready for Motorola’s digital tattoos?

iPhone 6 NFC feature looking more likely

iPhone 6 NFC feature looking more likely

There has been speculation about the Apple iPhone 6 since the iPhone 5S was released last year and even before that. In the last month or so we’ve seen an increasing amount of news and leaks about the device. NFC is something that has been rumored for the iPhone for some time, and now an […]

NFC Ring will unlock smartphones


Occasionally we like to bring readers news about new innovative Kickstarter projects that we feel deserve a mention. The site is a host for crowd funding to put new ideas into production, and one project that looks set to succeed is called the NFC Ring. This is a gizmo designed to unlock smartphones, doors and […]

Free Vodafone SIM cards and NFC – A reality

Free SIM cards and NFC – A reality

Global Mobile Technology leaders Vodafone and Gemalto (the world’s largest SIM card manufacturers) have joined forces to provide secure Free SIM card based NFC payments to customers around the world, in a multiple year contract between the two giants. This union will see the provision of an infrastructure that will deliver secure and trusted mobile […]

Apple iOS 6 Maps & Passbook are Google & NFC alternatives


Many of you will know that today will see the release of iOS 6, Apple’s latest update to its mobile operating system. We’ve been bringing you plenty of news about what it will bring to iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users and today we want to look a little more into the new iOS 6 […]

iPhone 5 NFC enabled possibility

iPhone 5 NFC enabled possibility

Near Field Communication, or as it’s more commonly known, NFC, is a technology that has been around for quite some time, but for whatever reason the mobile space have been a tad slow on the adoption of NFC, although this digital payment tech is showing up more and more especially in Android devices. However, NFC […]

M3 Android NFC Communicator steps back in time

M3 Android NFC Communicator steps back in time

New smartphones are being released like hot cakes at the moment, but none of them have really gone back in time. Say hello to the M3 Android NFC Communicator, a phone that steps back in time that adds a little pinch of old with a snippet of new. According to the guys over at Malaysia […]

Google Wallet PIN Warning to rooted phone users

Google Wallet PIN Warning to rooted phone users

We have a warning today for people who user a rooted phone and who use Google Wallet, as apparently there is a vulnerability with Google Wallet PINs that if a simple .apk is installed on your rooted handset it can access your Google Wallet PIN info, and we have video evidence of that in action […]