Are the OnePlus One StyleSwap Covers back on track?

OnePlus 2 release for 2015

One of the cool features of the OnePlus One was to be its StyleSwap cover system, but that was nixed months ago for various reasons. Well, it looks like they may be back on as a new Yellow StyleSwap cover has just shown up online.

New wave of pre-orders announced for the OnePlus One


OnePlus is a new company that had a rough start on the market, as if the fierce competition wasn’t enough to begin with. There was a lot of speculation regarding the roots of OnePlus: some believed it was a parent company of Chinese manufacturer Oppo, others considered it to be just a coincidence that many […]

Nexus 5 Android 5.0 Lollipop vs OnePlus One 4.4 KitKat CyanogenMod 11S review

Nexus 5 Android 5.0 Lollipop vs OnePlus One 4.4 KitKat

We’ve been bringing plenty of news about the Android 5.0 Lollipop update that is due to start rolling out to various devices soon. Recently we showed a video of the Nexus 5 running a developer preview of Android 5.0 vs. the iPhone 6 on iOS 8. Today we have a video to share that shows […]

OnePlus One pre-orders open on October 27 via PayPal

OnePlus One pre-order

The OnePlus One has had a rocky road in 2014, and it’s been one of the harder phones to get your hands on unless you’ve gotten an invite. Those days are coming to a close as the OnePlus One pre-orders are set to kick off on October 27.

OnePlus One India launch for December and price pointer

OnePlus One India launch

The OnePlus One Android smartphone released earlier this year to much acclaim from tech experts and consumers alike. We already knew that it was confirmed for a release in India at some point, and now we know that the OnePlus One India launch will be in December. We also have a price pointer for the […]

New OnePlus One update rolling, brings improvements

OnePlus One update

The OnePlus One has made real waves in the Android smartphone world since it released, with one of its only drawbacks being the difficulty getting hold of one! Now those who have managed to get one will be pleased to learn that a OnePlus One update has started rolling out today and brings improvements. OnePlus […]

OnePlus 2 release for 2015 confirmed

OnePlus 2 release for 2015

The OnePlus One flagship killer released back in the summer, and has impressed the tech community and those lucky enough to get their hands on one. This Android device has top-end specs with a very competitive price, but one big drawback so far has been availability. Now we have some early news on a successor […]

iPhone 6 battery Vs One M8, LG G3 and OnePlus One

iPhone 6 battery life

The Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are flying off the shelves despite some teething problems with iOS 8 and also the Bendgate issues. One thing that we often find concerns readers most about iPhones is battery life, and in the past we’ve covered this extensively. Many were hoping for an increased battery performance with […]

OnePlus One pre-orders start in October, for a limited time

OnePlus One launch for India

Remember the OnePlus One? There have been dozens of smartphones released since the “flagship killer” launched, and most of us are no closer to buying one. That will change for a time next month as OnePlus One pre-orders are set to go live in October.

OnePlus One India launch this year touted, with price indicator

OnePlus One launch for India

There were plenty of heads turning when the new OnePlus One smartphone released earlier this year. This Android handset aimed to bring top-flight specs at a more affordable price than many of the big-name manufacturers, and potential buyers in India have been eagerly waiting for its arrival there. Now we’re hearing of a OnePlus One […]