The Explay Tornado offers up three SIM slots and KitKat for $120

explay tornado

If you don’t do a lot of traveling, dual-SIM compatibility is probably useless to you. That being said, in many parts of the world it’s common and if you really want to kick things up a notch, we’ve got just the thing for you. It’s a new handset called the Explay Tornado, and it comes with support for three SIM cards.

Samsung Galaxy Core for Russia and China mid-May


If you’re in Russia or China then we have some leaked details to share with you about a new Samsung handset, the Galaxy Core i8262. A release is anticipated for mid-May for both of the above countries and although nothing has yet been confirmed the phone is also likely to release in other parts of […]

HTC Butterfly Price, Release for Russia & India

HTC Butterfly Release, Price for Russia & India pic 1

The HTC Butterfly has already hit Australia and now we have learned it is hitting the likes of Russia and India, the 5-inch beauty will keep many customers in these countries very happy indeed. The pricing might just be a little too high for some in Russia at €692 (RUR27, 990) and in India it […]

Sharp Aquos Phone SH930W released in Russia

Sharp Aquos Phone SH930W released in Russia

Back in early November it came to light that Sharp would be delivering a full HD 5-inch touch screen smartphone to the mobile space called the Sharp Aquos Phone SH930W, an Android handset that was destined to release initially in Russia rather than Sharp’s home ground of Japan. Well true to their word Sharp has […]

YotaPhone E-Ink Dual Screen smartphone for Russia

YotaPhone E-Ink Dual Screen smartphone for Russia

If you happen to be one of the Android faithful that resides in Russia, it appears that a new kind of Android smartphone might be coming your way next year in the form of the YotaPhone E-Ink Dual Screen smartphone. A device that has apparently now reached the fully working prototype stage, and offers a […]

Samsung Galaxy Premier I9260, release to begin in Russia

samsung premier

Smartphone manufacturer Samsung are currently on a roll with sales of their devices growing at a rapid rate, as the company brings out popular handsets that offer a big threat to the Apple iPhone. Not resting on its laurels the company is continuing to bring out worthy handsets that can meet most budgets and needs, […]

Russian defense ministry strips Google from Android tablets

Russian defense ministry strips Google from Android tablet

With the advancement of technology in recent times the way companies can collect data about us has grown significantly, which many feel is an unwelcome invasion of an individual’s privacy, and now the Russian defense ministry strips Google from Android tablets. As an article on PCWorld is reporting the Russian defense ministry has announced a […]

Explay Crystal transparent display phone with a twist

Explay Crystal transparent display phone with a twist

The first smartphone featuring a transparent display was of course the Sony Ericsson Xperia Pureness, whilst back in 2011 Lenovo released the first smartphone with a colour transparent display with the Lenovo S800, and now it appears we have a now transparent display phone coming out to play in the form of the Explay Crystal. […]

Mobile Image Ads by Google AdSence: video

Google AdSence

The mobile division of Google AdSence has announced the launch of their mobile image ads, which are still priced at cost-per-click, but can also serve as a branding tool for advertisers, which apparently has shown to be a good click-through rate. Publishers who may be interested would need to update their Google AdSense code which […]

HT2 candy-bar mobile handset rereleased by HUMMER

hummer ht2

At first there was the HT1 to go with your HUMMER, and now a second generation handset is coming, the HT2, which is a solid candy-bar style handset and made by ModeLabs who are a French telecom company. The original HT1 was a slider configuration, but with the second-gen ModeLabs has plumped for the candy-bar […]