Samsung Galaxy S6 accessories may include E-ink covers and Blood Sugar Monitor

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It’s safe to say that the Samsung Galaxy S6 is in full blown rumor mode right now ahead of the big reveal at MWC in March. Today’s rumor is a little juicer than the previous ones as it says we may get a slew of unique Samsung Galaxy S6 accessories that will be unlike anything currently available.

Samsung Galaxy S Edge rumored to become the official moniker

Galaxy Note Edge review choice

Recent reports have pointed towards a Q3 release of the next OnePlus device; what does that have to do with the Galaxy S Edge? Said report claims that the official name of the OnePlus phone will indeed be the OnePlus two, but, instead of spelling it out, the company would use the number two, making […]

Additional Samsung J Series smartphones get Trademarked

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We’ve taken plenty of jabs at Samsung over their supposedly shrinking, yet still expanding smartphone lineup. As usual, the company has filed a slew of patents, and a few of them stood out from the rest as they point towards more phones in the Samsung Galaxy J Series. The Samsung Galaxy A Series of Samsung’s new […]

Samsung might square off future tablets with 4:3 screen ratio


Back in the day, regular TVs all had an aspect ratio of 4:3, but, as technology evolved, we slowly transitioned over to what we today call “widescreen”, which is really aspect ratios of 16:9 or even 16:10. Smartphones and tablets are no exception, but there are certain manufacturers who remained true to the 4:3 aspect […]

Samsung Orbis Smartwatch rotary ring features detailed

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Word going around the rumor mill has it that Samsung will show off a round smartwatch at MWC 2015 in Barcelona next month. The wearable has been dubbed the Orbis smartwatch, and it has a unique rotating bezel that will set it apart from the crowd. We weren’t sure what that rotating ring would do, but a new report has detailed a few of its features.

Samsung SM-G925 rumored to be the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

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You can’t turn around without getting hit with a new smartphone rumor as we inch closer to MWC, and we’ve just gotten wind of another nugget regarding the Galaxy S6. Reports have trickled in that the company would produce an edged variant of their annual flagship, and today those Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge rumors point towards a dual-edged device… again.

Samsung Galaxy S6 could sport a Glass Back with a non-removable battery

Samsung Galaxy S6 specs leak b

It’s Monday, and that means it is time for a new round of smartphone rumors. The first one that caught our attention has to do with the incoming Samsung Galaxy S6 design. We’ve touched on the whole “Project Zero” angle several times over the past few months, but today’s Galaxy S6 design rumor says Samsung’s next flagship will be missing a pretty big feature.

QHD Galaxy S6 confirmed through User Agent Profile

Samsung Galaxy S6 specs leak b

Samsung is supposed to be reworking the Galaxy S6 from the ground up, and there are a boatload of rumors making their way through the rumor mill at the moment. As you would expect, the Samsung Galaxy S6 specs are a hot topic of conversation, and a new UAP profile may have just spilled the beans on the display and a few other key specs.

Will Samsung acquire BlackBerry?

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It is well known that BlackBerry is going through rough times, and not just recently, but for a couple of years now. The company struggles to cope with the plummeting of its market share after being a clear leader due to its products and offerings in the previous decade. Companies and corporations often chose BlackBerry […]

Samsung Orbis smartwatch to sport rotating bezel and smart crown

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Just last week we heard a rumor that Samsung might be introducing its first round smartwatch, and now more fuel has been added to the fire. The Samsung Orbis is still said to be bound for MWC, but a new report says its going to have an actual crown to go along with a rotating bezel.