Anticipating Galaxy S3 price, what will you pay?


The Samsung Galaxy S3 (S III) is a highly awaited smartphone that has a lot of people talking, especially following the success of last year’s Galaxy S2. Today we’re anticipating what the Galaxy S3 price may be and want to ask our readers how much they are willing to pay for the next Samsung flagship […]

Samsung licensing RIM software or buy out squashed


News has been rife today in relation to Canadian company Research in Motion (RIM) and who is in the running to buy part if not the entire struggling phone maker. Unfortunately despite the company still being valued in the region of $9 billion, in recent months the company have been in dire straits regarding sales […]

Android and Samsung rapid growth: comScore report


Its safe to say that during 2011, consumers were spoilt for choice in relation to the different range of smartphones on offer and of course their respective operating systems. For some time Apple had enjoyed taking the market share with their iPhone and iOS OS, but times were going to change with the introduction of […]

Galaxy Nexus brand tablet vs new iPad 3?


Christmas has ended and with just a matter of days left until the start of a brand new year, we ask ourselves what the next twelve months will offer in terms of new devices. So far on the horizon, Apple are rumored to be bringing out a new iPhone 5 as well as a new […]

Apple & HTC Fight: Win Depends on Patent Trade Ruling

Apple & HTC Fight: Win Depends on Patent Trade Ruling

The mobile space has been dominated with patent disputes of late and at the forefront of most legal battles sits Apple with their fight with Samsung taking main stage whilst other patent skirmishes battle it out on the sidelines, and soon one such skirmish between Apple and HTC will come to a head. According to […]

Carrier IQ: updated list of the major players


Just this morning, we reported on analytics software company “Carrier IQ” that is responsible for providing data from mobile phone devices. With carriers such as Sprint, Verizon amongst others and big named manufacturers to speak of, the company have been criticized for the way in which it extracts data from devices and to where the […]

U.S Galaxy Nexus, are you waiting to pre-order?


This year has been the time for Samsung to outshine the majority of its competitors, from Apple, Motorola, HTC and even LG. Three big favourite smartphones to come out of 2011 will be that of the Samsung Galaxy S II, the Galaxy Note and the Galaxy Nexus. Just the other day, we reported that South […]

Verizon Galaxy Nexus 4G LTE Android 4.0.2 update: Another tease


Samsung’s new Galaxy Nexus has just recently released to a waiting audience of customers, and despite feedback from the mobile phone being of a good response, there has been the problem with the volume rocker and what appears to be a bug. In order to fix the issue, it was reported that an update from […]

Samsung sale figures rise, Galaxy S II & Nexus aid


Although Apple have now brought out the new iPhone 4S and it’s proving a must have for many consumers, it’s fair to say that South Korean rivals Samsung have had a fantastic 2011 and we’ve still got a few weeks to go until the start of 2012.

December 8th Galaxy Nexus vs Droid 4, opt for?


With just a matter of weeks to go until Christmas, the big red US carrier Verizon are cementing their place with yet two more phone handsets, that of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Motorola’s new Droid 4. Both devices have been reported on by ourselves, and before we refresh you on their specifications, we wanted […]