Samsung Galaxy J5 and Galaxy J7 announced with front LED flashes

samsung galaxy j7

The Samsung Galaxy J5 and the Galaxy J7 are two of Samsung’s worst kept secrets alongside every other smartphone they’ve tried to sneak out there this year. Well, the time for speculation is over as Sammy has just made both smartphones official.

Nokia smartphone design and licensing set to begin again in 2016

nokia logo

Many miss the Nokia of old, we recently got a look at a cancelled smartwatch with the Nokia Moonraker. The smartphone world assumes that Nokia will eventually get back to what it does best, and a new report confirms that new Nokia smartphone designs are on the way.

BlackBerry Venice set to be a high-end Slider

blackberry venice slider

We recently talked about how a BlackBerry Android smartphone may soon exist, but that’s not all the company has in the works. The BlackBerry Venice is the codename for a new handset, and it’s set to be one of the company’s fastest devices.

Microsoft Lumia 640 release comes to T-Mobile for $129

microsoft lumia 640

The Lumia brand may not carry the same power as it once did, but the handsets prove popular everywhere they land. The Microsoft Lumia 640 is the latest Lumia device to hit the states, and it’s just gone on sale at T-Mobile for $129 unlocked.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 release date rumored to arrive early

samsung logo

Like death and taxes, it’s all but a given that Samsung will release the Galaxy Note 5 later this year. The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 release date has become subject for the rumor mill today as a new report suggests it may come sooner than we expected.

Sony Xperia Z4v release announced for the US on Verizon

Verizon Z4v

Last month we learned that Sony would bring the Xperia Z4 to Verizon in the states, but we weren’t sure of when. Today, that question has been answered with the Sony Xperia Z4v release which is bound for Big Red.

Intex Aqua Q4 price and availability announced for India

Intex Aqua Q4

Each week we see a slew of new smartphones released for India, and this week Intex is kicking things off with the Intex Aqua Q4 which has just been listed online for the country.

Amazon Ear Scanning Tech allows your handset with your Ear

amazon logo

Remember the good old days when unlocking your smartphone was as simple as hitting the power button? Fingerprint scanners are the new trend, but Amazon may hope to change that. They aren’t going for your eyeballs either as the company has its sights set on your earlobes.

InFocus 350 announced for India through Snapdeal

InFocus M350

InFocus’s M series covers a lot of ground, and a few days ago the latest smartphone in the line was announced. It’s called the InFocus M350, and it’s coming to India next week as a Snapdeal exclusive.

Wickedleak Wammy Note 4 release date set for June 15

wickedleak wammy note 4

The Wickedleak Wammy Note 3 was released in the latter half of last year, and we assumed we would see a follow-up eventually. The Wickedleak Wammy Note 4 is set to hit the streets next week, and we’re going to give you the scoop on Wammy Note 4 specifications.