Samsung Orbis Smartwatch rumored to arrive with the Galaxy Note 5 release

samsung gear orbis

We saw several new Android wearables around the first of the year, but it’s been pretty quiet lately on the Android Wear side of things – LG Urbane aside. We know Sammy has a round smartwatch in the works, and a new rumor suggests the Samsung Orbis arrival will coincide with the Galaxy Note 5 release.

Samsung Z2 Tizen-running phone in image leak

Samsung Z2 leaked images

The budget Samsung Z1 smartphone running the Tizen operating system has been a bit of a hit in emerging markets, and over the last few months there has been an increasing amount of rumors about a successor. Now the Samsung Z2 Tizen-running phone is the subject of an image leak, giving us our first claimed […]

Samsung Z2 specs plus Global Tizen phone tipped

Samsung Z2 Tizen phone

Earlier this year Samsung released its first Tizen OS smartphone in the form of the Samsung Z1. It’s a budget handset that has attracted plenty of interest in India and Bangladesh. In February we reported on rumors that Samsung may release a successor sooner than anticipated because of the success of the Z1, and now […]

New Samsung Z1 Tizen update releases

Samsung Z1 update

The Samsung Z1 has created plenty of interest as the first smartphone from the company to release running the Tizen operating system. Samsung has already provided several updates for this phone, something always welcomed by customers. It’s always good to be able to tell readers about updates for their devices, and a new Samsung Z1 […]

Samsung Z1 battery life results compared

Samsung Z1 battery life resutls compared b

The Samsung Z1 is the company’s first smartphone release to be running the new Tizen operating system, and as such it’s attracting a fair amount of attention. The budget handset has been especially popular in the India and Bangladesh markets, and may still have many more potential buyers. Today we’re looking at Samsung Z1 battery […]

Samsung Z2 release could follow Tizen Z1 sooner than anticipated

Samsung Z2 release could follow Z1

It seemed like a long wait for Samsung’s first Tizen-running smartphone but the budget Samsung Z1 finally released in January. It seems as though it was worth the wait as it has been pretty successful in markets such as India and Bangladesh already. Because of this, the latest news suggests that the Samsung Z2 release […]

Samsung Z1 India price and availability tipped

Samsung Z1 India price

In December there was news that the Samsung Z1 smartphone could be launching in India on January 18th. This is the first budget Tizen OS phone from the company, so as you can imagine there’s a lot of interest piled up for this device. It now looks as though the phone could release earlier than […]

Round Samsung smartwatch rumored for MWC 2015

Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 b

When smartwatches first started rolling out, Samsung was at the forefront. They’ve produced several wearables already, but none have been round like the G Watch R or the Moto 360. That may be about to change as a round Samsung smartwatch is tipped for release at MWC 2015.

Samsung Z1 India launch date tipped for January 18

Samsung Tizen Z1

Samsung was expected to unleash the first Tizen-based handset earlier this month, but that didn’t pan out. As you’d expect, people began to get skeptical (again) as it’s not the first time we’ve seen a Tizen smartphone get the bump before prime time. If you were one of those folks, it’s time to put those fears to rest as a few photos have surfaced along with a new Samsung Z1 launch date for India.

Samsung Z1 Tizen phone images and specs news

Samsung Tizen Z1

There has been talk about Samsung’s first Tizen-based phone for some time and we’ve previously heard rumors that it would be called the Z1. Several times it has been said to be on the brink of launching, but each time has been postponed. Now a leak has emerged with some images that seem to confirm […]