Samsung Galaxy K Zoom treated to enhanced Vine app

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom treated to enhanced Vine app

Samsung introduced its Galaxy K Zoom smartphone at the end of April, and it’s the camera-centric version of this year’s Galaxy S5 flagship. Now the company has announced that the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom will be treated to an enhanced Vine app. Samsung has collaborated with Twitter to come up with a special version of […]

Vine launches new messaging feature


Vine is famous for its six second video clips ranging from comedy to downright crazy stunts, yes all within a mere six seconds and now Vine want to get in on mobile messaging. The social network will be adding a messaging component to combine its core feature with regular messaging. The name Vine are giving this […]

Vine bans Porn


Twitter app Vine has today banned all sexually explicit content from being published on the platform. “We’ve found that there’s a very small percentage of videos that are not a good fit for our community,” it said in a blog post. The blog post also goes to say that For more than 99 percent of our […]

Vine for Windows Phone arrives to expand popularity


We previously informed readers who have Windows Phone devices that the Vine app release for the platform would be coming soon. Now Vine for Windows Phone has arrived, and we wonder if this will expand the popularity of the operating system and devices running it. It seems likely that the more mainstream apps that come […]

Windows Phone 8 getting Instagram and Vine release

Windows Phone 8 getting Instagram and Vine release

The success of a mobile platform will be helped by the eco system that is supporting it and the likes of Blackberry 10 and WP8 are playing catch up with Android and iOS platforms, but now Windows Phone 8 is getting an Instagram and Vine release in the coming weeks. Nokia has been busy this […]

MixBit video app to brave Instagram, Vine

MixBit video app to brave Instagram, Vine

There are a growing number of messaging apps becoming available and the ones that already in use are seeing more features constantly being added to them, but now there is a new kid on the block that has the brave task of taking on the likes of Instagram and Vine, and is called MixBit. The […]

Vine app for Android update is biggest yet


Just over a week ago we informed readers that the Vine iOS app had just been treated to a major update. At that time there were no details about when the update would come to the Vine app for Android devices. However, the Vine Android app update has finally arrived, and it’s the biggest update […]

Vine major app update vs Instagram

Vine major app update vs Instagram

The way we share our news with social networking sites is becoming easier all the time and more recently this has started to include the ability to include videos, and even this choice has been growing with the Vine app now getting a major app update as it battles Instagram. A short time ago Instagram […]

Instagram video feature update to battle Vine


Just a few days ago we discussed speculation concerning a possible update to Instagram that would provide video support. We’re pleased to say that the Facebook event yesterday made this news official, and many users will no doubt be pleased with this addition. The Instagram video feature update will be a real bonus in its […]

Instagram video support could soon hassle Vine


There’s news today that hugely popular photo-sharing app Instagram could be launching video support. This would be a boon to the many users of the service, and it seems likely that the move is in response to Twitter’s Vine service that offers video sharing. There’s a lot of speculation surrounding a Facebook event to be […]