iPad mini release close as launch confirmed for next week

ipad event next week

There has been weeks of speculation and rumours suggesting that Apple were set to release a smaller version of their popular iPad, and take on the many smaller tablet PC devices that are now available on the market. Now today the release of the iPad mini gets closer as the launch event is confirmed for […]

iPad Mini Event, Oct 23 Apple announcement risk

iPad Mini Event, Oct 23 Apple announcement risk

No doubt everyone knows that Apple is expected to unveil their entry into the smaller tablet segment with the Apple iPad Mini, a smaller iOS slate that is expected to be unveiled during an Apple event on the 23rd of this month to take of rival smaller tablet from Google and Amazon as Apple wants […]

Samsung Galaxy S3 mini event invite for next week

Samsung Galaxy S3 mini event invite for next week

If you have been sitting on the fence over the Samsung Galaxy S3 due to its large size touch screen, and would prefer the Galaxy S3 but in a smaller size, then you might be in luck because the Samsung Galaxy S3 mini, which was rumoured back in August, just might be on its way […]

Possible iPad mini keynote may prompt October release

ipad mini press invites

Back on September 12th Apple held a special press event where they showcased the new iPhone, iOS 6, and the updated range of iPods. Leading up to the event there was a lot of speculation that included alleged leaked components that Apple would reveal a smaller version of their tablet PC, but the event finished […]

HTC Big Event Liveblog Today, pondering suspicions

HTC Event today

We have seen a high number of press events taking place over the last couple of weeks, and later today smartphone maker HTC will be taking its turn to reveal something to the world. There is also a Liveblog for the HTC Big Event taking place today, which will have many pondering suspicions of what […]

HTC mystery announcement, our prediction on new device

main pic -HTC mystery announcement, WP8 or Android, tablet or phone

The HTC mystery announcement has got a lot of people wondering, and we at Phones Review are one of them. HTC is causing a stir at the moment prior to its event kicking off tomorrow, and they have released a new photo of a not-known product with a small 10:08 on the device with the […]

LG Qualcomm Event Sept 19, Optimus G baby

LG event

It doesn’t seem like a day goes by without another new smartphone either being officially announced, or leaked via some sort of screenshot or supply chain source. The month of September is certainly becoming busy for the smartphone market, and we now have news of a LG Qualcomm Event on September 19th where we may […]

Motorola Intel edge-to-edge event September 18 in London

motorola london event

Now the dust has settled on Apple’s press event yesterday we can still look forward to what other smartphone manufacturers may be planning. Luckily for those that don’t want an iPhone there are a vast array or worthy handsets available and now a Motorola Intel edge-to-edge event has been announced in London on September 18th. […]

Hands-on with iPhone 5 proves massive changes


As expected the iPhone 5 finally made its grand entrance today at a much-awaited Apple event. The new smartphone is likely to be another whopping hit for Apple and has been very well received so far. It’s always interesting though to see details of the first hands-on experiences to get a real idea of how […]

iPhone 5 iSight HD FaceTime and rear 8MP camera

appple samung

iPhone maker Apple has always been proud of the camera it provides on its smartphone especially since the iPhone 4. The company has stressed that is not always about the amount of pixels a cameras sensor may have and points at the need for a quality lens and imaging software to go with it. The […]