BlackBerry Venice set to be a high-end Slider

blackberry venice slider

We recently talked about how a BlackBerry Android smartphone may soon exist, but that’s not all the company has in the works. The BlackBerry Venice is the codename for a new handset, and it’s set to be one of the company’s fastest devices.

A BlackBerry Android smartphone may soon be in the works

blackberry logo

It’s no secret BlackBerry has had a tough road over the past few years. A BlackBerry Android smartphone could be the thing to turn the company’s fortunes around, and a new report suggests one may be in the works.

BlackBerry Passport gets tasty price cut, US and Canada

BlackBerry Passport gets tasty price cut

The BlackBerry Passport has certainly turned a few heads since it released, although not always for the right reasons. It has very decent specs but people either love or hate its square styling. If you’re one of those who find it appealing but haven’t got round to purchasing one yet, you might like to know […]

BlackBerry Oslo photos give us a new look at the handset

blackberry oslo

In April, a new photo showed up to give us our first look at the BlackBerry Oslo. The rumor mill has been quite ever since, but today we’re getting another look at the handset along with some new information that touches on the BlackBerry Oslo specs.

The BlackBerry Leap release comes to India for Rs. 21,490

BlackBerry Leap up for grabs in UK

Last month the BlackBerry Leap jumped across the pond and hit the UK. If you live in India and were looking forward to getting your hands on the leap, the day has almost arrived as the BlackBerry Leap release is coming to India tomorrow.

New BlackBerry Porsche Keian photo leaks

blackberry porsche

A photo of a new BlackBerry handset appeared earlier this month, and it showed what we believe to be the sequel to the BlackBerry Passport. Today that leak got bigger, as we’ve gotten several new images of BlackBerry’s 2015 lineup. Ready to take a look at the new BlackBerry Porsche design?

BlackBerry Passport and Classic price cuts available

BlackBerry Passport and Classic price cuts

The BlackBerry Passport and BlackBerry Classic both released last year, and there’s some good news today if you were just about to purchase one of these smartphones. There are currently BlackBerry Passport and Classic price cuts available as well as lower prices for the BlackBerry Q5 and Z30 that released in 2013. New prices for […]

BlackBerry Oslo leak includes image

BlackBerry Leap leak includes image

It’s always good to hear further information about upcoming devices, and readers may have heard some initial murmurings about the BlackBerry Oslo smartphone from Mobile World Congress. Although it was first thought that this handset would only release in China, in fact it will be available for global markets. Read on for more on the […]

BlackBerry Leap up for grabs in UK with £199 price

BlackBerry Leap up for grabs in UK

In March BlackBerry made its Leap smartphone official with a release set for this month. It’s now arriving for some regions and the BlackBerry Leap is up for grabs in the UK first with a £199 price. It will also be offered very soon for other markets including the US, Canada, France, Germany, India, Saudi […]

BlackBerry Leap on 10.3.1 hands-on official look

BlackBerry Leap video

It was early this month that we first heard of the mid-range BlackBerry Leap smartphone that’s heading for a release in April. BlackBerry announced it at MWC 2015 and we gave details of specs and also pricing. Now the company has issued a video showing a BlackBerry Leap on 10.3.1 hands-on official look, and you […]