Philips Swift S616L will sport a huge display and mid-range specs

Philips 616L

Towards the end of last month, we got a glimpse of two new handsets from Philips, but the company had something bigger in mind. We mean that literally, as the Philips Swift S616L has just been spotted online with a massive display.

Philips Sapphire S616 and Phillips V787 Sapphire Life Anti-Blue smartphones are announced

Philips Sapphire S616

Eye strain. It’s something anyone who uses their desktop or laptop will be familiar with, and can be an issue for mobile users as well. The Philips Sapphire S616 and the Philips V787 Sapphire Life have just been announced as Anti-Blue screen smartphones, and they may be devices to keep an eye on if you want to soothe your peepers.

Philips Sonicare for Kids connected announced at IFA

Philips Sonicare for Kids connected

There’s been a lot to keep up with at IFA in Berlin this week, and there are plenty of connected devices among the tablets and smartphones. The Philips Sonicare for Kids connected is one of the more interesting gadgets we’ve come across so far, and it looks to be a great way to get your kids interested in brushing their teeth.

Philips S309 and Philips Xenium I908 are launched for India

philips S309

It’s been a while since we’ve covered a handset from Philips, but the company has just launched two new devices today. The Philips Xenium I908 and Philips S309 have been announced for India and they are priced competitively for the region.

Philips S388 and I928 have launched in India

philips i928

We don’t talk about Philips often, but that’s only because they don’t put out many smartphones. We knew the company had a couple of new handsets headed for India, and today the Philips S388 and I928 arrived.

iPhone 5 Lightning speaker docks by Philips

iPhone 5 Lightning speakers docks by Philips

If you happen to own an iPhone 5, and in the market for a new speaker dock that utilises the iPhone 5’s Lightning connector, you might like to hear that Philips has now launched a new range of speaker docks that use the iPhone 5 Lightening connector. Philips new range includes two docking speakers, a […]

Philips W832 Xenium inexpensive dual-core dual-SIM phone

philips phone

We seem to see new smartphones being announced on a daily basis now and if you are a fan of the Android platform there is a whole host of hardware available to choose from. This varies greatly in price and features, and today we have news of the inexpensive Philips W832 Xenium that is still […]

Android ICS Philips W732 brings extended web browsing

Android ICS Philips W732 brings extended web browsing

It appears there will be a new Android Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone making an appearance over in China in the not too distant future form Philips in the from of the Philips W732 smartphone, an Android handset that is said to deliver extended web browsing of up to 10.5 hours. According to the guys over […]

iPhone Accessory: Philips DC315/05 Alarm Clock Radio

iPhone Accessory: Philips DC315/05 Alarm Clock Radio

If you like waking up to music in the mornings and have an iPhone, what better accessory could you have than an iPhone alarm clock radio to play you tunes as you open your eyes? Well that’s what we have for your consideration today. The Philips DC315/05 Alarm Clock Radio has been made for the […]

Philips to launch Xenium X510 Dual Sim Phone


Although Philips are not as popular as either Nokia or Sony Ericsson when it comes to mobile phones that doesn’t mean its worth ignoring what they have on offer. The company are about to launch a new phone for its range known as the Xenium range, and this latest device is known as the X510. […]