Sprint Black Friday sales include a free TV and Amazon Prime


If none of Sprint’s previous promos have managed to lure you in, the Sprint Black Friday sale may just do the trick. If you had expected the company to just have mobile devices included, you’ll be surprised as they are throwing in several other perks to get customers attention.

New Sprint promo promises to cut your smartphone bill in half

sprint promo

Sprint may not be the most popular carrier in the states, and they keep cooking up promos to try and lure in new customers. Their latest was announced today, and the company is promising to cut your bill in half (again) if you make the jump to Sprint.

iPhone Forever program from Sprint promises latest iPhones


The carrier battles are heating up in the states, and we saw a number of companies change things up this month. The iPhone Forever program is one of Sprint’s latest promo’s and it’s a pretty cool one if you want the latest iPhone without having to jump through hoops.

Sprint offers new unlimited All-In plan for $80 per month


Regardless of the region, carriers are always trying to outdo each other and it’s a constant contest in the states. T-Mobile shook things up with a new leasing program last week, and now it’s Sprint’s turn with their new All-in plan.

Sprint’s Samsung Device and Service bundle announced at $100 per month


It’s safe to say that Sprint is pulling out all stops in order to catch up with T-Mobile, and their newest promo is a good one if you’re looking to pick up several devices. It’s Sprint’s new Samsung mobile bundle, and it’s a way to get connected all in one fell swoop.

Switch to Sprint promo pays off all cancellation fees


Sprint has launched an onslaught of promos over the past 6 months to try and lure in new business, and now they’re back at it again. The company has just unveiled a new promotion that will reimburse all your costs if you’ll just make the jump to Sprint.

Sprint teases the Galaxy S6 release date

galaxy S6 sprint

Three of the four major US carriers have dropped teasers for Samung’s “next big thing” and Sprint has just unleashed the best one yet. It gives us another look at both new smartphones while also tipping us off to a potential Samsung Galaxy S6 release date.

LG G Flex 2 release date set for March 13 on Sprint

LG G Flex 2 vs LG G3 a

The LG G Flex was the first “cool” curved device we’ve seen, and everyone knew there would be a sequel in time. That time has arrived if you live in the United States as Sprint is gearing up for pre-orders on the LG G Flex 2 release.

New Sprint trade-in promo offers $200 credit to T-Mobile customers


We don’t cover Sprint as much as T-Mob or Big Red, but the little carrier that could is taking a direct shot at one of its competitors today. T-Mobile is in its sights, and Sprint is increasing the amount they’ll give you on a trade-in when you switch from The Uncarrier.

The Microsoft Nokia Lumia 635 arrives at Sprint

lumia 635

Sprint was rumored to carry the Lumia 635 since early last year, and while it took a while to arrive, the day has finally come. The Microsoft Lumia 635 has finally landed at Sprint, and it can be yours for free with a new 2-year deal.