Apple iPhone 4G vs Google Motorola Shadow


The wait for the iPhone 4G is probably not that far away from us now and there are a lot of eager people out there waiting to see how the Smartphone race is posed after WWDC 2010. According to an article over at all major cell phone makers across the globe are busy working […]

Official Twitter for Android App Preview Video

Official Twitter for Android App Preview Video

Twitter had announced a couple of weeks ago that Twitter was officially coming to the Android platform in the form of an Android app available from the Android Market, and there’s been a bit of commotion as to whether Twitter is cutting out developers. However, the official Twitter app for Android is now available and […]

Nokia N8 User Manual Released Online

Nokia N8 User Manual Released Online

If you are thinking about picking up the new Nokia N8 smartphone when it becomes available you just might want to take a glance at the Nokia N8 User Manual so you can get to know just how to use the device. Well according to an article over on my nokia blog, the N8 user […]

New iPhone 4G official verdict on leak


A recent article over at gives us information on the official verdict on the iPhone 4G leak, although not strictly official but about as near as it gets. Jason Calacanis is the Chief Executive Officer of Mahalo and also a former A list blogger, now however he lets subscribers know his thoughts and opinions […]

HTC EVO 4G spotted in Sprint Store


Certainly not the clearest of pictures, but what it is supposed to be makes it worth while. The photo is taken with a Touch Pro 2 and is said to be a HTC EVO 4G. thanks to the guys over at via for sharing this with us. It has been alleged that this […]

New Windows Phone 7 ROM Now Unlocked Includes Office

New Windows Phone 7 ROM Now Unlocked Includes Office

It appears that the hackers are getting to grips with Windows Phone 7 quite quickly as according to an article over on Gizmodo, the latest version of Windows Phone 7 ROM has already been unlocked and apparently there’s some tasty goodness inside. Word has if by way of engadget that Windows Phone 7 Rom features […]

iPhone 4G to sport 5 megapixel camera from LG Innotek


It has been reported over at something that we reported on earlier in the week here in relation to the next iPhone and its camera. Not surprisingly the next iPhone will be sporting a m megapixel camera, and it seems that this camera will be provided by LG Innotek. The camera’s have apparently gone […]

HTC Droid Incredible selling out fast everywhere


There is no denying that Verizon has always been a carrier that is famous for the services it rendered as apposed to the Smartphones they have sold. And a recent post over on claims that has now changed. Then we had all the talks around the arrival of the Nexus One and also about […]

Verizon LG Ally to stand up to HTC Evo 4G


When we though that the only problem ahead of Sprint’s HTC Evo 4G was the Verizon Incredible Droid we were wrong. Of course Verizon had absolutely no intention whatsoever of letting the HTC Evo stealing the spotlight, not yet anyway. Speculations are again on the increase that Verizon will be releasing an Android offering in […]

Motorola Shadow with Wi-Fi certification


It has been known for quite a while now that Motorola would be making the next Google phone and the model which is coded MB810 from Motorola which features a full QWERTY keyboard is also the long rumoured Nexus Two. thats according to a recent article over at Otherwise known as the Shadow the […]