Find my iPhone beta uses Apple Maps, not Google

Find my iPhone beta now uses Apple Maps

Apple introduced its in-house mapping service at its WWDC event two years ago, and now a notable development has been spotted as it launches on the web. The Find my iPhone beta now uses Apple Maps, not Google in the latest preview. The Find my iPhone web-based application has pushed aside Google Maps for Apple […]

iOS 8 to bring notable Apple Maps enhancements

iOS 8 to bring Apple Maps enhancements

Apple’s iOS 7.1 was released to the public yesterday, and so it may seem rather premature to be talking about iOS 8, although we enjoy looking ahead. Not too much has leaked so far about the next major upgrade for the mobile operating system, apart from an iOS 8 Healthbook app for the iPhone 6 […]

iOS 7 in-car Siri and Apple Maps integration reported


We’re getting closer to Apple’s WWDC 2013 event and greatly anticipating the introduction of iOS 7 there. We’ve been detailing, wishes, insights, leaks and rumors about iOS 7 and have now heard about some new features that are claimed to be incorporated in the next major upgrade to Apple’s iOS. It has been reported that […]

Apple iOS Maps could be getting its own Street View

apple street view

Ever since Apple ditched Google Maps in favour its own offering many users have been disappointed with what the in-house app had to offer, but Apple are busy improving the service and at some point in the future Apple’s iOS Maps could be getting its own Street View feature. iOS users now have access to […]

Apple using banner ad within 3D maps to advertise

Apple using ad banners within 3D maps

We will keep this short and sweet; we are calling out to all Phones Review readers to let us know if they are seeing any Apple advertisements showing up in the Maps app. We received an email via a Phones Review reader named Chris Leonard who sent us the photo above, which shows an Apple […]

iPhone 6 could be first iOS device with indoor location mapping


Although the Apple iPhone 6 is a good while away yet we are already hearing rumors virtually every day regarding what the phone may offer when it hits the shelves. Just in the last week or so we’ve heard possibilities of new display technology, 3D video calls, eye tracking and possible Intel-manufactured processors and the […]

iOS 6 Apple Maps in deadly situation struggle

iOS 6 Apple Maps in deadly situation struggle

Obviously the entire mobile space knows about all the problems Apple has with their Apple Maps app especially when the app is giving out the wrong directions to users. And now it appears that the much maligned iOS 6 app has been branded as potentially life threatening by Australian cops who have issued a warning […]

Apple changing world geography to conform with Maps: video

Apple changing world geography to conform with Maps: video

Ever since Apple decided to give Google Maps the boot and deliver their own Apple Maps app for iOS devices, the fruity named company has received quite a bit of flak over Apple Maps giving out wrong directions and the such. They received so much flax over Apple Maps that CEO Tim Cook went as […]

Apple iOS 6 Maps fix by TomTom requested

Apple iOS 6 Maps fix by TomTom 2

Since the loss of Steve Jobs just over a year ago it seems as though Apple is making a number of wrong moves, with one of them being the huge mistake of getting rid of Google Maps for their own service. We’re not saying that Apple should not pursue their own mapping service, but they […]

Weak Siri and Apple Maps for Mac OS X 10.9

Weak Siri and Apple Maps for Mac OS X 10 main pic

No we do not want to crap on Apple users parade, but to be realistic we all know that Siri and Apple Maps are weak at the moment, there is no denying that. iPhones and iPads are very good products there is no doubting this but to say Siri and Maps on these devices are […]