Champions League update for app in time for Arsenal or Chelsea matches

Champions League app update

There’s Champions League action tonight covering Groups E, F, G and H with just some of the fixtures being Barcelona vs Roma, Arsenal vs Dinamo Zagreb, and Maccabi Tel Aviv vs Chelsea. Just in time, there has been a UEFA Champions League update for the app, so if you want the latest on the Arsenal […]

I’m a Celebrity app for iOS and Android 2015

I'm a Celebrity app

I’m a Celebrity…Get me Out of Here! is a hugely popular TV show in the UK. Many people look forward to the start each year, and it finally began a week ago today. If you have been watching Ant and Dec you will have heard them talking about an accompanying app for the series. Today […]

Amazon lists over $90 of Free Android Apps and Games through August 15

amazon logo

It’s that time again. Almost every month Amazon lists a slew of free Android apps and games, and they’ve just unleashed a batch for August. As always, it’s a limited time sale so you’ll want to click quickly if you dig any of their offerings.

Free Android App of the Week promo launched by Google

google play free apps

There are several places to get your Android apps nowadays, but the main two are Google Play and the Amazon App Store. The latter has been giving away free Android Apps for some time, and Google may have finally gotten on board with a Free App of the Week promo.

The Indiegogo Android app arrives to fill your Crowdfunding Needs

indiegogo app

If you want to get a project of the ground with some help from the net, the best way to go for most people is Kickstarter or Indiegogo. Unfortunately, neither have “official” Android apps which is bizarre considering the amount of mobile projects they handle. Well, it looks like Indiegogo has beaten Kickstarter to the punch, as the Indiegogo Android app is official.

The Amazon Appstore Free App Toolbox Sale is Live

Amazon Apps store

Most folks get their games and apps from Google Play, but there are other sources and Amazon is one of them. Google throws the occasional sale to celebrate things, but Amazon has given away more free Android Apps and Games than you can shake a stick at. Today, they are giving away a slew more with the new App Toolbox Sale.

Showtime Anytime, Starz and Encore finally get Chromecast support


It’s a good day to be a Chromecast owner. We haven’t been able to say that too many times since HBO Go made its way to the streaming dongle, but today is definitely a good day. As Android TV is getting ready to roll out, Chromecast app updates are flying in and Showtime Anytime, Star Play and Encore Play have all just gotten Chromecast support.

The Androidify App update brings Animated Droids to your Mobile


We’re a little late on this one, but one of the more Android-centric apps recently got a huge overhaul to go along with Android’s new design. You’ve probably even seen a few of the creations in some recent Android commercials as well. The Androidify app update has arrived, and it’s here to fulfill all your droidy dreams.

Amazon Appstore Sale offers up over $115 worth of Android Apps & Games for Free

Amazon Apps store

Amazon has been throwing a lot of sales lately, and we’re not just talking about their Gold Box specials. The company is holding another Amazon Appstore Sale, and they are doling out over $115 worth of top-notch apps for the low price of free.

Get into Shape with the new Google Fit App

Google Fit app

A lot of folks associate smartphones and tablets with laziness, because let’s face it, we all tend to sit around doing things on our smart devices. Health and fitness are starting to get more attention, and Google is throwing its healthy hat into the ring with the recently released Google Fit app.