Lumia Yega concept phone takes Nokia Twist inspiration

Lumia Yega Concept Phone b

From time to time it can be an interesting to take a look at ideas for new devices, and today’s vision is certainly different. This Lumia Yega concept phone is said to take its inspiration from an old phone dubbed the Nokia Twist. We wonder what readers think of this creation and if you can […]

Samsung Galaxy S7 Premium design screams quality

Samsung Galaxy S7 Premium design d

Most readers will know about Sony’s Xperia Z5 that recently launched. It was accompanied by the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium that took the smartphone a step further. So what if Samsung had a similar notion for its next Galaxy S flagship? Meet the Samsung Galaxy S7 Premium, a design idea that screams quality. Hasan Kaymak […]

Sony Nexus 5 Plus concept has specs appeal and Android Nutella

Sony Nexus 5 Plus concept

From time to time we like to share concept ideas for new smartphones, as these can provide us with some tantalizing prospects. One such design is this new Sony Nexus 5 Plus concept that has specs appeal and Android 8.0 Nutella, although we would imagine an ‘N’ version of Android would be version 7.0. In […]

iPhone 6k design has BlackBerry style keyboard

iPhone 6k design features keyboard d

The iPhone 6S and BlackBerry Priv are both generating plenty of interest right now, for very different reasons. Concept designers are constantly coming up with new ideas, so meet the iPhone 6k. This design combines elements of both as it has a physical BlackBerry style keyboard. The iPhone 6S is Apple’s latest and greatest while […]

Microsoft Lumia 888 design curves prompt mixed feelings

Microsoft Lumia 888 design

At Phones Review we like to show occasional concept ideas for smartphones, and sometimes we see something really different. The latest render we’re showing is certainly one of those, although these Microsoft Lumia 888 design curves prompt mixed feelings, so different may not always be better. This concept vision for a Microsoft Lumia 888 comes […]

New iPhone 7 portrayal offers alternative design

iPhone 7 vision for new design

Although we’re already hearing trickles of information about the Apple iPhone 2016, the rumor mill is still some time away from really ramping up. Today we’re showing a new iPhone 7 portrayal that offers an alternative idea for the design of the next iPhone. It’s probably safe to say that the real deal won’t look […]

HTC BoomSound Edition phone design with speakers feature

HTC BoomSound Edition phone design c

We see many different ideas for new smartphones at Phones Review, and the concept we are showing today certainly manages to bring something new to the table. Meet the HTC BoomSound Edition, a phone design that has an interesting speakers feature. We really like the look of this phone and we’d like to know if […]

iPhone 7 design has gloss appeal and style

iPhone 7 design has gloss and style c

The Apple iPhone 7 is already up for discussion even though it won’t release until 2016. Rumors and leaks are already underway, but in the meantime we can tantalize ourselves with looking at concept ideas for the device. Today we have a new iPhone 7 design to show you. We think it has gloss appeal […]

HTC 100 phone design takes a new direction

HTC 100 phone design b

Many loyal HTC device enthusiasts are waiting for something that will blow their socks off. The company desperately needs a big hit smartphone and one designer imagines this to be the HTC 100 phone that you can see here. This could take HTC to a whole new direction, and the render also features something that […]

Vision Pro Phone 3 concept designed from the ground up

Vision Pro Phone d

Usually when we share concept designs on Phones Review they are ideas for upcoming known smartphones. Occasionally though, we see something different and that’s what we have for you today. This Vision Pro Phone 3 concept has been designed from the ground up, and comes from a concept designer that we’ve featured before. Instantly we […]