iPhone 7 Edges Iron Man design shows flair

iPhone 7 Edges design

We’re continuing to see concept ideas for the iPhone 7 rather than the iPhone 6S, and today we’re showing an iPhone 7 Edges Iron Man design. The approach pretty much illustrates what would happen if Apple adopted the dual-edged approach of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, so it’s unlikely we’d see anything like this from […]

iPhone 7 design featuring interesting touches

iPhone 7 design

It can often be intriguing to look ahead to future devices for ideas about what they could bring to the table, and today we’re sharing an Apple iPhone 7 design. Of course the next iPhone is more likely to be called the iPhone 6S, so this would be the following in line unless Apple rethinks […]

Sony Xperia PS is stunning with PlayStation connection

Sony Xperia PS design

Every now and then we see an idea for a smartphone that makes our hearts race a little faster, and today we’re showing you the Sony Xperia PS, a stunning design with a PlayStation connection. This is another creation from one of our favorite designers Jermaine Smit, and we think this will blow many other […]

Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos 2 with refreshed specs

Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos 2

Some readers may well remember the Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos that released back in 2012, an Android handset with a physical QWERTY keyboard. Now fans of the phone may be interested that this idea has been taken a step further with the Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos 2 idea with refreshed specs that you […]

Sony Xperia Nexus idea has tasty specs

Sony Xperia Nexus design

Anyone who’s interested in smartphones and tablets will know just how popular Google Nexus devices are. The new Nexus 6 smartphone and Nexus 9 tablet were made by Motorola and HTC respectively, and we’ve seen Nexus devices from other manufacturers including Samsung and LG. Maybe it’s time that Google collaborated with Sony, and that’s where […]

iPhone 6 Apple Store mock-up has realism

iphone 6 apple store

The anticipation is growing for the arrival of the next smartphone from Apple which looks set to bring a further increase in screen size, but today ahead of the official announcement we have an iPhone 6 Apple Store mock-up which has realism. While we may have a few weeks yet before we get to see […]

HTC One M9 design leaps forward in time


During the last couple of years smartphone manufacturer HTC has put itself back on the map with some stylish flagship handsets, but today we have a HTC M9 design that leaps forward in time. Over the last few months we have seen a number of concept designs for the HTC M9, but today’s one that […]

Galaxy S6 design has 3D display


It normally doesn’t take long before thoughts start turning towards the next flagship smartphone that Samsung could be working on, and today the Galaxy S6 design we have for you features a 3D display. We have already seen a number of Samsung Galaxy S6 concepts and today’s one comes courtesy of Ninsati Studios. This design […]

Sony Nexus L design could be the future

Nexus l

We are getting closer to the time of year where the smartphone world get to see some high end devices launched in time for the busy holiday season, as we now know when the Galaxy Note 4 will be officially unveiled. There is hope that Google will launch the Nexus 6 in the coming months […]

Android Silver smartphone render has Nexus 6 similarities

Android Silver smartphone render has Nexus 6 similarities

There has been a lot of speculation that Google would eventually end the Nexus series of mobile devices for something a little different, which now looks unlikely following comments from the company. Today though we have an Android Silver smartphone render that has Nexus 6 similarities. The image that you can see on this page […]