Samsung Galaxy Grand On nearer to release after FCC visit

Samsung Galaxy Grand On nearer to release

It was in August that we first heard of a new Samsung Galaxy O series with two smartphones dubbed the Galaxy Grand On and Galaxy Mega On. Information has been trickling in ever since, and now the Samsung Galaxy Grand On has been spotted in FCC certification, bringing it nearer to a release. Last month […]

The Sharp AQUOS Xx passes through the FCC

sharp aquos xx

Like phones with bezels that are barely there? If so, you probably heard about the Sharp Aquos Crystal or the Sharp Aquos Xx. The recently announced handsets are a sight to behold, and the company’s flagship, the Sharp Aquos Xx has just passed through the FCC.

Sony Xperia Z4 could have just passed FCC approval

Sony Xperia Z4 could have appeared at FCC

We’ve recently seen the unveilings of flagships such as the Samsung Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9, and many people are now waiting to see what the Sony Xperia Z4 and LG G4 bring to the party. There have been numerous leaks about the upcoming Sony smartphone. Now a sign that it may be closer […]

Mysterious LG phablet clears the FCC headed for Sprint

LG G4 stylus

We’ve gotten a few glimpses of a device believed to be the LG G4 this week, but everyone knows LG has numerous smartphones planned for 2015. One of them has just passed through FCC certification, and it’s going to be a bit bigger than last year’s G3.

Samsung Galaxy S6 wireless charging pad hits the FCC

samsung wireless charger

There is no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy S6 will be shown off in about a week, but a few of its features are still up for debate in some circles. If you had wondered about the Galaxy S6 wireless charging capabilities, wonder no more as its official charging pad has just cleared the FCC.

T-Mobile will soon throttle unlimited LTE if used for Torrents

t-mobile logo

T-Mobile may be the “Uncarrier” and enjoy shaking things up, but they’re doing it for a different reason today. An internal memo to employees has gone out, and if you’re using your unlimited LTE for torrents, you will soon have your data throttled.

Sony Xperia Z3 makes its way through the FCC

sony logo

Consumers love Sony’s flagship Xperia series, and while some folks are just now getting their hands on the Z2, the rumor mill has been working overtime on the Xperia Z3. Another piece of the puzzle came to light today as a device by the name of D6603 has just gone through the FCC.

LG G3 US release draws in


This time next week we will already have seen the official unveiling for the upcoming LG G3, and it seems as if the US release for the handset is closing in. There have been lots of leaks for the LG G3 recently that have included pricing and the dimensions for the 5.5-inch touting smartphone, but […]

OnePlus One FCC visit brings good news

OnePlus One FCC visit brings good news

The Android smartphone market has been treated to a new player for 2014 that is certainly giving many fans of the platform something to think about. Now an OnePlus One FCC visit brings some good news. We have covered the OnePlus One quite a lot recently an all our previous articles can be found here, […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom evidence mounts

Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom evidence mounts

While many people are finally getting to grips with the Samsung Galaxy S5 flagship smartphone, others are still wondering if there will be a Galaxy S5 Zoom. This happened last year with the Galaxy S4 and S4 Zoom, and we’ve already seen some pointers of a Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom. Now the evidence is mounting, […]