Pluto Flyby Google Doodle for NASA New Horizons probe

Pluto Flyby Google Doodle

Anyone interested in astronomy will know that this is a significant day as a NASA probe will fly-past Pluto and will offer us detailed pictures of the dwarf planet’s surface for the first time. The occasion is grabbing the attention of people worldwide and Google has created a Pluto Flyby Google Doodle for the NASA […]

Father’s Day Google Doodle has captivating charm

Father's Day Google Doodle

Father’s Day is being celebrated in many countries around the world today, and Google is joining in with the spirit of the occasion. If you check out the Google homepage today you’ll see a Father’s Day Google Doodle with captivating charm. It’s a really cute and striking doodle as it manages to convey exactly what […]

Eurovision 2015 Google Doodle celebrates song contest

Eurovision 2015 Google Doodle

Our first item today is a little bit different as it concerns the Eurovision Song Contest, and fans of the spectacle may appreciate a special Eurovision 2015 Google Doodle. These unique doodles are often used to commemorate an anniversary or celebrate an occasion and tonight is the 60th birthday of Eurovision. Over 200 million viewers […]

Earth Day Quiz offered by celebratory Google Doodle

Google Doodle Earth Day

From time to time we like to bring news about special Google Doodles that often mark occasions or events. Today is Earth Day 2015, a day that is recognized by millions of people around the world, and an Earth Day quiz is on offer with a celebratory Google Doodle that’s worth taking a look at. […]

International Women’s Day 2015 marked with Google Doodle

International  Women's Day Google Doodle

We like to bring news of Google Doodles from time to time, and many readers will know that they are often used to mark an anniversary or special day on the calendar. If you’ve switched on your device today you may have noticed that International Women’s Day 2015 is being marked with a Google Doodle […]

Chinese New Year Google Doodle celebration is joyful

Chinese New Year Google Doodle

When you switch on your devices today you may notice a new Google Doodle. We always enjoy seeing these special Google home pages and the Chinese New Year Google Doodle celebration today is for the Lunar New Year 2015. It marks the Year of the Goat with a charming and joyful animated doodle. The orange-themed […]

Google UFO Doodle and Roswell game apps


You might have jumped on Google today and seen a new UFO logo, which is in celebration of the Roswell UFO incident on July 7, 1947. The Google UFO Doodle is in fact a game you can play, but some of our readers might want to know how to play Google’s Roswell Doodle game and […]

Leonhard Euler apps to celebrate influential mathematician


From time to time a special Google Doodle appears on the Google home page, usually to commemorate a person or mark an occasion. Today a Google Doodle celebrates the 306th anniversary of the birth of Swedish mathematician Leonhard Euler. In honor of the occasion and if you want to find out more about Euler’s work […]

Asteroid 2012 DA14 prompts tracker and alert apps


We always enjoy sharing news of Google Doodles and today if you check the Google home page you’ll see a special Doodle to mark Asteroid 2012 DA14. This asteroid is set to pass Earth today (Friday) and will be closer than any other known asteroid that has skimmed the planet. This has prompted us to […]

Best Star Trek iOS apps prompted by Google Doodle


We’re always happy to see a new Google Doodle and today there’s a fantastic one that celebrates the 46th anniversary of Star Trek, the iconic TV series that spawned a series of spin-offs and movies too. We feel it to be one of the best Google Doodle’s so far and this one is interactive too […]