New Nexus phone for 2015 could be from a Chinese manufacturer

New 2015 Nexus phone

One of the biggest device launches each year is a new Nexus smartphone, and usually it’s not long after one appears that enthusiasts wonder which company will be making the next one. Big names such as HTC, Samsung, LG and Motorola are among those in the mix, but latest news now suggests that the 2015 […]

Last Nexus device could be made by Lenovo

Last Nexus device could be made by Lenovo

The Google Nexus smartphones and tablets have been a real success with Android device enthusiasts. Two benefits of having a Nexus device are that they run stock Android and are also first to receive Android updates. However, news today is that the last Nexus device could be made by Lenovo. If you’ve been following Nexus […]

Sony Xperia Z Google Edition release possibly next

Xperia z google

Instead of seeing the release of the Nexus 5 in the last couple of weeks Android fans have been treated to some special edition versions of already popular handsets, at least in the US for the time being, but now the rumour mill has turned its attention to the Sony Xperia Z Google Edition possibly […]

HTC One Nexus Edition rumours refuse to die

HTC One Nexus Edition rumours refuse to die

Last week both Google and Samsung introduced the Google version of the Galaxy S4 which turned out to be the only hardware announcement made at this year’s I/O event. Shortly after rumours begun to emerge that there would be a similar move made by HTC, which was quickly denied but the HTC One Nexus Edition […]

LG Nexus 4 issues found before release

nexus 4 issues

At the beginning of last week Google unveiled its new range of Nexus hardware that included the LG Nexus 4. The announcement of the upcoming smartphone has got many Android fans looking forward to get their hands on the device, but some LG Nexus 4 issues have been found before release. The device is going […]

LG Nexus 4 pre-release prototype lost in bar, history repeating itself

LG nexus 4 prtotype

When smartphone manufacturers are designing a new handset, closer to the device being released they obviously produce some prototypes for staff to use for testing, but these seem to have the habit of being mislaid as today it seems that history is repeating itself with the news of a LG Nexus 4 pre-release prototype being […]

Wild rumours of Motorola Nexus & Android 4.2 Key Lime Pie

keylime pie and nexus

Ahead of next week’s Google Android event in New York , just like any other big event being held in the tech world, we have seen number of different reports and leaks to what is going to be shown off by the company, and now wild rumours emerge of a Motorola Nexus device and Android […]

Sony Nexus X handset spotted, may be fake

sony nexus

There are many consumers that are fans of the Android platform that prefer to own a Nexus branded device, this is because normally software updates arrive on these handsets first and they use a more standard version of the operating system. We now have some images that are of a Sony Nexus X device, but […]

LG Nexus Google Phone further specs and clearer photos leak


We’ve been bringing you news from various leaks about the upcoming Google Nexus phone that for now we are referring to as the LG Nexus (LG-E960). Many Android enthusiasts prefer to use a Nexus device for a pure Google experience and there has been plenty of excitement about the new LG device, rumored for a […]

LG E960 passes through FCC, may be AT&T LG Nexus

LG Nexus phone

As each day goes by it seems that yet another new smartphone is about to be released to the general public, who have a choice of handsets that is ever increasing. This is always a good thing for consumers, and today we have news of a LG E960 device passing through the FCC that may […]