Advanced Warfare app Android and iOS problems reported

Advanced Warfare app problems

Just yesterday we were pleased to be able to inform readers that the Call of Duty: Advance Warfare app was now available. This is a companion app to the console game and it’s aimed at optimizing your overall experience when playing. However, we’ve now started to see Advanced Warfare app Android and iOS problems reported, […]

Real Madrid vs Liverpool live score news with updates

Real Madrid vs Liverpool live score news

There’s a massive fixture taking place this evening as far as football fans are concerned. Real Madrid take on Liverpool FC at the Bernabeu in a Champions League match, and many football enthusiasts will be glued to their screens. If you can’t watch the match live or want to optimize your enjoyment of the big […]

Taco Bell app for Android and iOS hits problems

Taco Bell app hits problems b

Recently we reported that the new Taco Bell app had arrived and since then it has gathered plenty of publicity. The app allows a user to order food from their mobile device so that it’s ready by the time they get to the restaurant, although the order isn’t prepared until you’re within 500 feet. This […]

FIFA 15 Ultimate team issues cause growing frustration

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team issues

The FIFA 15 Ultimate Team app for Android and iOS devices received an update on October 17, and a couple of days later we reported that some people were having FIFA 15 UT problems since the update. Now it’s over two weeks later but it’s clear that this difficulties are still persisting and that FIFA […]

Manchester Derby countdown with classic matches on FTBpro

Man city vs Man utd ftbpro app b

Any football fan will be able to tell you that one of the biggest fixtures of the season is taking place tomorrow, Man City vs. Man Utd. The kickoff is on Sunday at 1:30pm and fans of the Sky Blues and Red Devils will be eagerly anticipating the big match. If you want to get […]

New Candy Crush Saga Android and iOS updates but problems continue

New Candy Crush Saga updates

Over the last couple of months we’ve been reporting on various issues, mostly concerning Facebook login, with the popular Candy Crush Saga apps for Android and iOS. Since we first reported on this we’ve seen various updates for the apps arrive and hoped for bug fixes. Now there are new Candy Crush Saga Android and […]

Candy Crush Soda for Android and iOS wait

Candy Crush Soda Saga Android and iOS

If you’re a fan of the phenomenally successful gaming app Candy Crush Saga then you may already have heard of a new game from King called Candy Crush Soda Saga. So far the game is available on Facebook, but many eager players are waiting for it to release on Google Play or the App Store. […]

Clash of Clans update arrives before Halloween

Clash of Clans update before Halloween

Clash of Clans is one of the most popular gaming apps and enjoyed by millions of mobile device users. If you’re an iPhone or Android device player of the game you’ll be interested to hear that a Clash of Clans app update has just arrived before Halloween. The update has arrived today on the App […]

Liverpool vs Real Madrid as LFC History app updated

Liverpool vs Real Madrid

Liverpool take on Real Madrid at Anfield this evening in the Champions League, and no doubt many will be following all of the action as it happens. If you’re a Liverpool FC fan you’re also likely to be interested in the history of the club. With Liverpool vs. Real Madrid today it’s worth noting that […]

Best Happy Diwali 2014 apps for Android

Happy Diwali apps for Android

Diwali is a very special time of year on the Hindu calendar and is a festival that brings families and friends together in celebration. If you want to enhance your experience of Diwali this year there are plenty of mobile apps available with this in mind. We’ve rounded up some of the best Happy Diwali […]