iPad Mini 4 and all the details you need

iPad mini 4 specs and price

The Apple event is done and dusted and the wraps have been formally whipped off the expected new devices. One of these is the iPad mini 4 that Apple quickly glossed over in the keynote. However, the new tablet does have several advancements from the iPad mini 3. We have all the details you need […]

iPad Mini 4 leak of 3D CAD model video

iPad Mini 4 leaked video b

There has been growing evidence that an iPad mini 4 will release this year, although the situation isn’t as clear on an iPad Air 3. Now there’s some further news on the new smaller iPad, as an iPad Mini 4 leaked 3D CAD model has emerged in a new video. Back in June we saw […]

iPhone 6 Plus could mean the demise of the iPad Mini

iPhone 6 Plus could mean demise of iPad mini

There’s some news out of Taiwan to report on today regarding the future of the iPad mini. It’s reported that the smaller iPad may be on its way out as Apple focuses instead on the much-rumored iPad Pro, thought to have a display size of between 12.2 and 12.9-inches. If this is accurate then several […]

Apple iPad price drop comes with launch of iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3


Everyone loves a good deal. When it comes to Apple products, you generally have to turn to refurbished products as they just don’t come cheap. If you’re in the market for a new iPad, now is the time to act as Apple has just graced us with an iPad price drop.

Touch ID confirmed for new iPad lineup through iOS 8.1 update

apple logo

Anytime we’ve mentioned the iOS 8 update it’s been bad news, and yesterday we told you about a silver lining of sorts in the form of iOS 8.1. A curious developer has done a bit of digging with the code, and it’s been confirmed that there will be Touch ID support for the iPad.

Apple starts new iPad production with anti-reflection coating

2014 iPad Air 2 specs and launch rumoured

The Apple iPad is still one of the most popular tablet devices on the planet, despite some of its Android and Windows competitors catching up fast, and closing the gap. Apple is expected to unveil not one, but two iPhones at its upcoming special event — rumored to take place on September 9 — but […]

New iPhone 6 screen with iPad mini size

iPhone 6 larger screen size

As we always expect at this time of year, the hype for the next iPhone is ramping up nicely ahead of its expected fall release. It seems pretty much certain now that there will be two differently sized models, one with a 4.7-inch display and another phablet version at 5.5-inches. Today we’re discussing whether the […]

iPad Mini price cut could be tempting

iPad Mini price cut could be tempting

It is not unusual as mobile technology gets older or is superseded by a newer model to see the older hardware reduced in price, and the iPad Mini price cut could prove to be tempting for a lot of consumers who can’t afford the new version of the device. In the UK supermarket giant Asda […]

iPad mini deemed most fragile gadget, iPad Air third

iPad mini deemed most fragile gadget

The iPad mini is a hugely popular tablet and many people may not even have considered its breakability factor. However, a new study has found the iPad mini is the most fragile of several top devices tested, with the Samsung Galaxy S4 second and the iPad Air coming third. The research was conducted by insurance […]

iPad Air and Mini price deals at Target


We’re now just days from Christmas but plenty of people are still intending to buy the Apple iPad Air before the big day. With that in mind we thought we’d let you know about an iPad Air price deal available at Target from tomorrow, and there’s also an offer for the first-generation iPad mini. Target […]