iPhone 4S running iOS 9.1 beta review

iPhone 4S iOS 9.1 beta review

There was a glut of news from the Apple event last week and as well as new devices we also heard a public release date for iOS 9. On the same day Apple also seeded the iOS 9 Golden Master, and then the company surprised many of us by also seeding the first beta of […]

iPhone 6 vs iPhone 4S in iOS 9 beta 5 bootup speed test

iPhone 6 vs iPhone 4S iOS 9 beta 5 bootup test

Apple recently seeded iOS 9 beta 5 to developers as well as making beta 3 of the iOS 9 public beta available. The final build is expected to release to iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users just before the rumored release timeframe of the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus around September. It’s often interesting to […]

iPhone 4S running iOS 9 beta 1 vs iOS 8.3 quick speed test

iPhone 4S running iOS 9 beta 1 vs iOS 8.3

There’s plenty of attention right now on iOS 9 that will be available for a public release in fall. The first beta is already in the hands of developers and there have been plenty of looks at iOS 9 on the iPhone 6. Sometimes though, we think it’s just as interesting to see an upcoming […]

iPhone 4S on iOS 9 beta 1 review

iPhone 4S iOS 9 beta 1 review

At Apple’s WWDC last week we saw the official introduction to iOS 9. The update won’t reach a public release until fall but the first beta has already been made available to developers for testing. We’ve already shown some tasters of iOS 9 running on an iPhone 6, but it can be good to see […]

iPhone 4S on iOS 8.4 beta 3 vs iOS 8.3 bootup testing

iPhone 4S iOS 8.4 beta 3 vs iOS 8.3

The current version of Apple’s iOS to make it to a public release is iOS 8.3, however iOS 8.4 is already in beta. The third beta of iOS 8.4 was seeded to developers just a few days ago, and while we’ve already shown it running on an iPhone 6, it’s also interesting to see it […]

iPhone 4S on iOS 8.4 vs iOS 8.3 bootup speeds compared

iPhone 4S on iOS 8.4 vs iOS 8.3

Apple’s iOS 8.3 is the latest publicly released version of the mobile operating system, arriving earlier this month. This was followed by the first beta of iOS 8.4 being seeded to developers. It’s interesting to see how devices compare when running different versions of iOS and today we’re showing an iPhone 4S on iOS 8.4 […]

iPhone 4S sluggish or lagging after iOS 8

iPhone 4S iOS 8 sluggish

While many Apple iOS device users have been pleased to receive the new iOS 8 update, there are some who are wishing they’d avoided it altogether. Very soon after iOS 8 released to the public last week there were reports from owners that the iPhone 4S was sluggish or lagging after iOS 8, and over […]

iOS 8 Continuity features not working on iPhone 4S

iOS 8 continuity feature b

Apple’s iOS 8 became accessible to millions of device users yesterday, and over the next few days many will be downloading the new update. It has many different improvements and new features, one of which is Continuity that offers seamless handoffs between one Apple device and another. However, some users may be wondering why iOS […]

iPhone 5S battery life hit by iOS 8, 4S gains

iOS 8 battery life

Millions of Apple mobile device users now have access to iOS 8 after it released to the public yesterday. Those who haven’t already updated their iPhones and iPad are likely to pretty soon, and one thing that’s often a subject of discussion following a new iOS upgrade is how it has affected battery life. Now […]

iPhone 5S vs iPhone 5 and 4S on iOS 8 beta 2, Internet speeds

iPhone 5S vs 5 and 4S on iOS 8 beta 2, Internet speeds

Apple’s iOS 8 was recently unveiled at WWDC 2014 and will be released to the public in fall. Currently it’s in the beta stages with developers and we’ve previously shown a hands-on look at iOS 8 beta 1. Now Apple has released the latest beta and today we have a video of the iPhone 5S […]