iPlay iPhone slider for gamers


There is always a huge amount of interest in anything to do with the iPhone and with the iPhone 5S drawing closer we’ve seen plenty of concept designs. Today we have another creation to show you that is something very different, an iPlay iPhone slider for gamers. We enjoy sharing concept ideas with readers as […]

UControl Weight for iOS, personal diet & lifestyle manager

ucontrol weight

With modern technology if you are looking to lose some weight or lead a healthier lifestyle there is more help available, and today we have news of the UControl Weight app for the Apple iPhone that brings healthy living to the palm of your hand with your own personal diet and lifestyle manager. The recently […]

Apple WWDC 2013 date set with possible iOS 7 launch

WWDC 2013 dates set

Apple historically holds an annual event where it showcases new software and sometimes the hardware that it will be running on, and today we have the news that this year’s Apple WWDC 2013 dates have been set with a possible iOS 7 launch. The company has now announced the dates for this year’s WWDC event […]

Siri keeping users secrets for years

Siri keeps secrets

With the modern digital age it has meant more of our personal information is stored in a variety of locations that we don’t have much control over, and now it has emerged that Siri is storing user’s secrets for years. Apple introduced its Siri voice assistant feature with the launch of the iPhone 4S, but […]

eyesee iPhone 4/4S affordable mobile projector revealed

iphone projector

We get to see a number of great third party accessories that have been designed for our smartphones that can add or enhance features of the various devices. Today we have the eyesee affordable mobile projector that is available for owners of the Apple iPhone 4/4S. The mobile projector is being touted as the ideal […]

iMessage and Facetime outage & downtime discussed

iMessage and Facetime outage & downtime discussed

Such is our reliance on modern technology these days that when something unexpectedly goes wrong we realise how much we would miss not being able to use them. Recently users of the iOS platform have been reporting issues with the Apple iMessage and Facetime services with outage and downtime being discussed by users. Users of […]

iFrogz Animatone kids accessories for iPhone, iPad & more


It’s a fact of life that more and more kids are using mobile devices and whereas accessories for phones and other devices used to be very much aimed at adults, there are now far more accessories for kids to use. At CES 2013 iFrogz has just announced its kids line of accessories called Animatone and […]

Google Maps for iOS & iPhone 5 released

Google maps for iPhone released

Back in September at the Apple keynote speech for the new version of the iPhone the company confirmed previous rumours that they would be ditching Google Maps in favour of their own in house Apple Maps offering. The new Maps application has since been met with numerous bugs and incorrect information leaving many users frustrated, […]

Apple release iOS 6.0.1 via OTA update

iOS 6.0.1 released by apple

To coincide with the launch of the iPhone 5 Apple released its latest version of its mobile operating system to the masses in the form of iOS 6, but trouble is there have been a number of early teething problems with the software. We can now tell you that Apple has released iOS 6.0.1 via […]

Route 66 Panoramic car kit for top recent smartphones

Route 66 Panoramic car kit for top recent smartphones

I’m sure most know that using a smartphone whilst in control of a vehicle is dangerous although many people still take their lives in their own hands and do so, even when there are numerous hands free solutions available that enable the driver to use their smartphone safely when driving, and now Route 66 have […]