iPod touch 6G security a key upgrade

iPod touch 6G security

There’s a lot of focus right now on the upcoming iPhone 6 and new iPads for 2014 but there are plenty of people who are waiting for the iPod touch 6th generation. We haven’t heard too much about what will be offered just yet, but iPod touch 6G security is likely to be a key […]

iPod touch 6G with 2014 iPad, not iPhone 6


There’s a strong chance of seeing Apple launch an iPod touch 6th generation this year thanks to it being almost 2 years since the last update. The 5G had a release date of October 11, 2012, and we would expect an iPod touch 6G to either arrive this year or be discontinued. Apple has every […]

iPhone 6 and 6S visions with new iPod touch

iPhone 6, 6S visions and new iPod touch

With excitement beginning to ramp up for the iPhone 6 it’s always interesting to look at design ideas as tantalizers for what might be offered. Today we have iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S visions to show you, as well as a new iPod touch. We’d like to know what you think of these creations? The […]

iPad Mini 2 or iPod Touch 2013, price will decide


We are getting much closer now to Apple’s WWDC 2013, and many people are hoping to see some new hardware introduced. This is unlikely, especially as CEO Tim Cook previously stated that there would be no more hardware arriving until later in the year. However, that does not stop us looking at Apple device releases […]

iOS 6.1 problems since update for iPhone 5 & iPod touch


We always try to keep readers in the loop about software updates for their various devices and just two days ago we told readers that the latest Apple mobile operating system update, iOS 6.1, was now available. The update is compatible for many iPhone, iPad and iPod touch’s and we managed to download and install […]

Turn iPod Touch 4 into iPhone with Freedom Sleeve Rocket

Turn iPod Touch 4 into iPhone with Freedom Sleeve Rocket

If you over in the good old US of A and own an iPod Touch 4, the device obviously isn’t an iPhone, but it could be with a new sleeve called the Freedom Sleeve Rocket, which delivers access to the FreedomPop data network for 100 percent free high speed 4G wireless internet, and as such […]

iPod Touch 5G light sensor issues and tear-down comparison

ipod touch light sensor

Back in September at the iPhone 5 keynote speech Apple also unveiled a refresh to some of its iPod line of MP3 players. This included a new version of the flagship iPod Touch that the company promised to be the thinnest and most advanced yet, and today we are looking at the iPod Touch 5G […]

New iPod touch 5th gen slip leaks three weeks to release


The Apple event on September 12 not only unveiled the iPhone 5 but also revealed the new iPod touch fifth generation. Although the iPhone 5 released later that month there were no details given for a precise release for the new iPod touch lineup. However it seems that a slip on an Australian website could […]

New iPod touch, nano, shuffle’s set to arrive with 2012 iPhone


Much of the fuss in the mobile world at the moment seems to be about the upcoming Apple iPhone 5 but of course many people are also waiting for news on the new iPod touch, iPod nano and iPod shuffle. We’ve reported on many leaks and rumors regarding the next iPhone but speculation about refreshed […]

Siri for iPhone 4 using new H1Siri: Tweak Warning


We recently heard through the grapevine about Siri0us, a Cydia tweak for pre iPhone 4S devices, giving them the ability to use Siri Dictation. Well since this little tip off there has been new talks about another Siri tweak that is supposedly able to give iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4G users full Siri functionality.