Samsung Windows RT tablet and the Microsoft shift

Samsung Windows RT tablet and the Microsoft shift

Well if you are a fan of Samsung gear along with liking the Windows platform, it appears that you will be able to get the best of both worlds come October, as the word is old Samsung is to deliver a tablet that sports Microsoft’s Windows RT sometime in that particular month. According to the […]

BlackBerry maker RIM to possibly divide company: Update

BlackBerry maker RIM to possibly divide company

Well now, most will know that BlackBerry smartphone maker Research In Motion hasn’t been having that good a time in the mobile space lately, with the Canadian company losing market share to such rivals as Android and iOS, and RIOM has been pinning their hopes of grabbing back lost market share once their release their […]

Windows Phone 8 to offer carrier opt out option

windows phone 8 carrier opt out

While the Android platform continues to see increasing sales and market share one of the biggest criticisms of it is the fragmentation, and this isn’t helped by the fact that each carrier normally carries its own version of a device and can be slow pushing out updates to handsets, but today we have news that […]

Windows Phone 8 due to be announced ahead of release

windows phone 8 announcement

There are some analysts that believe that given time the Windows Phone platform will become a major force in the smartphone market, and even take market share away from both Android and the iPhone, and today Windows Phone 8 is due to be announced. Microsoft have been busy as the company recently announced its new […]

Windows Phone Tango upgrade details revealed ahead of release

windows phone tango details

While both the Android and iPhone platforms currently battle it out to reign supreme in the smartphone market, the Microsoft Windows Phone platform continues to grow and add new users, and today we have news that the Windows Phone Tango update has been detailed ahead of its release. According to an article over at IntoMobile […]

Microsoft tablet with Xbox LIVE streaming rumoured

microsoft tablet

Since Apple released the original iPad back in 2010 we have seen the various versions of the device dominate the tablet PC market going up against a number of different devices running Android, but now it seems Microsoft is going to offer more in the sector this year, and a device built in calibration with […]

Microsoft shows some Android love via Kinectimals game

Kinectimals for Android

Smartphone users are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing various applications, whether its apps to help us with our everyday lives or fun games, picking the ones that are worth the time and money downloading can be difficult, and the team on Phones Review try and keep our readers up to date with […]

In-house Microsoft Windows 8 /RT tablet could be Monday’s big deal


There’s a certain amount of excitement in the tech world at the moment following news of a Microsoft event due to take place on Monday. The focus of the event is so far a mystery but rumor and conjecture has it that a Microsoft Windows tablet could be on the way, an in-house tablet running […]

My Xbox Live for Android finally released & tested

My Xbox Live for Android

As always it seems that users of the Android platform have to wait longer to get access too much wanted applications when compared to iOS users, but today we have news of the My Xbox Live for Android that is finally released and tested. Microsoft has finally got around to releasing the application on the […]

Ballmer’s whopper means 80-inch Windows 8 tablets will arrive


We’ve been reporting on many of the Windows 8 devices that will be hitting the shelves later this year and seem to be hearing news of more virtually every day. Now we have news that’s a little different though as it concerns an 80-inch Windows 8 tablet that already exists and will apparently one day […]