BlackBerry Venice photos show the company’s next Flagship

blackberry venice

In the smartphone world, things tend to move fast. Less than 24 hours ago we told you about a new BlackBerry headed for AT&T, and now we have BlackBerry Venice photos that show the new device.

New Lava Android One smartphone heading to India on July 14


Google’s Android One program didn’t off the ground like they had hoped, but they aren’t giving up. A new Lava Android One handset has just been announced, and it is heading to India on July 14th.

BlackBerry Venice rumored to see an AT&T release

blackberry logo

It’s no secret that BlackBerry has several handsets in the works, and a slider is one of them. Today the BlackBerry Venice is in the rumor mill again with a possible release coming through AT&T.

Turing Phone pre-orders kick off on July 31st

We told you about the exotic Turing phone back in April, but we weren’t sure when you would be able to order one. Well, that’s been answered today as Turing Phone pre-orders begin on July 31st.

Lumia 1030 spotted with Verizon branding

Lumia 1030

Remember the rumored Lumia 1030? It’s been a while since we heard anything about the mythical beast, but today a part appeared that shows the Lumia 1030 may be headed to Big Red.

Samsung Z3 release will bring the next Tizen smartphone

samsung logo

Tizen. The word probably isn’t familiar to many, but Samsung is doing their best to make it stick. The Samsung Z3 release will bring the next Tizen-based smartphone to the masses, and a new report seems to have finally confirmed its existence.

New Samsung Galaxy Folder set to arrive with Android 5.1

samsung galaxy folder

Every once in a while, we cover a modern flip or folder phone as they just won’t die. Samsung has been responsible for several, and a new Galaxy Folder has leaked giving us a full look at its specs.

Full Samsung Galaxy A8 specs listing comes to light

Samsung Galaxy A8 specs

If the Samsung Galaxy A8 was a ship, it would be officially sunk due to all the leaks. A full Samsung Galaxy A8 specs listing has just hit the web on the heels of another huge leak this morning, and we’re here to give the scoop and confirm those specifications from previous leaks.

Fingerprint Scanner confirmed for OnePlus 2 release

OnePlus 2 Scanner

Last week we told you about the OnePlus 2 release coming through the power of VR, and yesterday the company leaked some new details. If a fingerprint scanner is something you’re looking for in a 2015 flagship, you’ll be pleased to know the OnePlus 2 has been confirmed to sport one this time around.

Moto G 2015 edition leaks in new renders

Moto G 2015

The year may be half over, but we’ve still got plenty of smartphones to look forward to. Motorola will launch two of them, and the Moto G 2015 has just broken cover well ahead of its expected release date.