ZTE Small Fresh 3 is headed to China with 2GB of RAM and 13MP camera

ZTE small fresh 3

We’ve seen our share of oddly named smartphones over the years, and some of the wilder names hail from the Far East. ZTE is getting in on the name game with their latest handset which is dubbed the ZTE Small Fresh 3.

Oppo R7s release date set for December 1st in Europe and the states

Oppo R7s specs go official

Remember that Oppo R7s we talked about a few months back? Well, it appears the Oppo R7s release date is finally set to arrive in two regions as the handset is gearing up for a launch in the US and Europe.

Elephone M3 specs reveal Helio P10 and $99 price tag

Elephone M3

It’s become difficult to track all the new Chinese handsets being launched, but that task is made easier when they have interesting features. The Elephone M3 will certainly fit that bill as it’s rumored to arrive with a few flagship features at a fraction of the cost.

New Samsung Galaxy A7 passes through FCC certification


We’ve seen a steady trickle of Samsung Galaxy A series leaks roll in over the past few weeks, and you can now add another to the list. The Samsung Galaxy A7 has showed up online again, and it’s just passed through FCC certification in the states.

Unannounced Huawei smartphone gets Benchmarked with Kirin 935

Huawei ABC UL00

Not a week rolls by that we don’t see several unannounced smartphones trickle out. This week is no different, and a mysterious new device from Huawei has just shown up on a popular benchmark site with some very interesting specifications.

HTC Desire 828 Dual SIM and HTC One A9 India release is official

HTC One A9

Have you been wondering when the HTC One A9 India release would arrive? Well, wonder no more as the company has just made that handset official along with the Dual-SIM version of the HTC Desire 828.

LG Ray specs reveal a new mid-range device

LG Ray

2016 may be fast approaching, but that isn’t going to stop companies from marching out new handsets before the calendar flips. The LG Ray has been announced as a new mid-ranger, and it’ set to make its debut in Russia before moving on to a wider audience.

Huawei Honor Play 5X release date may hit the US soon

Huawei Honor 5X goes official

It wasn’t long ago that you would have to import a Huawei branded device if you wanted to try one in the United States. Times have certainly changed, and the Huawei Honor Play 5X release date looks to be near as it has just passed through the FCC in the states.

Lava Iris X10 specs reveal 3GB of RAM and 5-inch panel


Yesterday we told you about a new budget-friendly handset from Lava, but it appears they had another in the works. The Lava Iris X10 specifications have just appeared online, and it’s got a bit more pop than the previous model.

OnePlus will sell the OnePlus 2 without an invite on Black Friday

OnePlus Black Friday

OnePlus may not be the biggest smartphone manufacturer around, but that isn’t going to stop them from getting in on the action during Turkey Day. The OnePlus Black Friday sale has been announced, and folks will be able to snag a OnePlus 2 without those pesky invites.